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Moving the Muffin Top!

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Have you woken up one day and tried and put on your favourite jeans and wondered where the muffin top came from?

This weekend, I was a little shocked to discover just how much of a muffin top I had grown!

I was trying on clothes to head down to Canberra and pants that used to fit left me with, lets just say a bit more than a muffin top!

GEEZ, I knew I wasn’t at my leanest but it was a little wake up call as to just how far I’d let things go.

I suppose you don’t notice how much fat you have gained when you stick to your “comfy” clothes all the time. It was really only when I went to try on all my long pants that I noticed that I couldn’t even squeeze into them anymore.

I know how it’s happened but getting out of the rut can be harder than it seems. Yes, even for someone who knows what to do and how good it is for them.

So how did I get to this point?

Let’s just say STRESS has played a major part in the excess belly fat. Years ago I never gained much weight on my belly, it all used to go on the butt and thighs (still goes there but now with the bonus off the belly as well). That’s what too much stress over a long period can do.

The good news is that my life is much less stressful lately after some massive lifestyle changes but in the process of changing everything something has been severely neglected! ME…….

Everything seemed to come before ME, even the dog!!! Trying to fit in my own exercise has been challenging and all the things that make me FEEL AWESOME have been left out.

Life is crazy and there never seems to be enough time but these are all just EXCUSES. It is time for me to find ways to make things work!

So, I’m putting me first for while. What does this mean?

It means making my EXERCISE A PRIORITY.

Committing to eating well FOR ME!

Having goals and rewards just for me.

So starting on the weekend I jumped into my – Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days!

In 28 Days it’s my Birthday and I decided there is no better present to myself than FEELING AWESOME.

Currently I’m sitting at 65.6kg which is 3kg over where I feel good and 5.6kg over where I feel AWESOME. My goal is to really give the Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days all I’ve got and keep going from there.

Already, I’m feeling better. Mainly just because I’m exercising again for me. I’m making it a priority and it feels great. Nothing in my life has changed except my attitude and me making ME a priority.

So, if you’ve been stuck in a rut and not sure where to start have a think about what MAKES YOU FEEL great and MAKE TIME FOR IT!

I’ll be posting regularly to keep me accountable.

Can’t wait to compare the changes in MINDSET, FITNESS AND BODY after my first 28 days!

Have an awesome week.






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