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Losing the final 5kg, FOREVER!

Have you lost weight, only to regain it again? You keep losing the same 5kg, over and over again? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I know for myself over the years I’ve fluctuated about 5kg. At the top end, I don’t feel great but still in my acceptable range although when I lose 5kg I FEEL AMAZING! It’s quite surprising, what a difference 5kg can make. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy when […]

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Packet a day smoker to 40 year old Fitness Professional!

Here is something that might surprise you…… I was a packet a day smoker, and a very big drinker in my 20’s! Yep, I was a big party girl.  I didn’t do any fitness activities, generally I was pretty lazy. Twenty years later and here I am.  Fitness Professional and Fitness Business owner. Wow, what happened? Today I want to share my story with you, the how and why I got into the Fitness industry. […]

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Why you can’t trust what’s on the front of a packet!

For those of you who saw my video on Facebook the other day I was VERY surprised by the Governments Star Rating on Food labels. I can now understand why consumers are TOTALLY confused. What I’ve noticed is that what is on the front of the label (marketing) is not a true indication of what the product is delivering. This has always been pretty obvious as marketing is used to make us buy the products […]

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The FAT Personal Trainer!

The Fat Personal Trainer I’m guessing many people out there assume that owning a Fitness Business, working as a Personal Trainer and Online Coach I must be super motivated, super fit and always in tip top shape! Ha, ha, ha, I wish!!! The reality is that life as a Business Owner, Personal Trainer and Online Coach is CRAZY! I’ve been working online for 10 years. Running Get Active Personal Training & Bootcamps for 3 years […]

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Is aiming for perfection stressing you out?

Is aiming for perfection stressing you out? This week I’ve had a bit of a reminder how putting so much pressure on ourselves to achieve, be perfect and always on top of things can leave you feeling way more stressed out! You think you’re trying to be super organised and efficient but all that ends up happening is you get down on yourself and stressed. It might just take one thing going wrong and you […]

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Training for a Half Marathon

This year Cam & I decided to commit to the Cairns 70.3 Half Ironman. We got a little caught up in the excitement last year and decided it would be great to do it. We knew with our work load we didn’t have the time to train to do the individual event but thought doing the half as a team was doable! Well…….it sounded good at the time although as the year has gone on […]

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Sick of dieting and looking for the next quick fix?

It seems EVERYONE wants a quick fix. You want to lose that 10kg you put on over the past year in the next 4 weeks! Now just reading that you can see that it’s not going to work. It took you a YEAR to put it on and you want it gone in 4 weeks. How realistic is that? The funny thing is that SO MANY people think like this. They finally get to the […]

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Why I won’t compete again!

Why I won’t compete again! Working in the fitness industry, helping hundreds of women achieve amazing success stories and coaching clients to compete in Sportsmodel competitions, I’m frequently asked if I’m going to compete again. My answer is “no”. Now let me explain why, it’s not because I think it’s bad as it can be awesome for women with the right mindset and right motivation, but I have also seen the dark, ugly side of […]

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