4 Week Kickstart Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days


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Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days!

Jump on board our 4 Week Kickstart and INCREASE FITNESS, HAVE FUN and Drop a Dress size in 28 Days!

Kicking off on the 14th May




Our bootcamps are a fun and social way to get fit and lose weight with like-minded people in an outdoor/undercover environment. All sessions are different and include a mix of cardio, resistance, core and boxing to assist with all round fitness.


No, it’s not scary at all.  This is a fun, safe environment with heaps of alternatives if you are struggling with an exercise.  I’m not sure who has the most fun; the instructors or the bootcampers! 😊


We cater for all levels of fitness and ages range from teens to twilighters.  Just work through at your own pace, the instructors will help you to push that little bit extra for an awesome workout every time.


It’s a fantastic introduction to Bootcamp and will give you all the tools you need to get started. You can either use it simply to increase fitness or to get stuck into the nutrition plan and drop a few kilos at the same time.

JUMP ON BOARD OUR 4 Week Kickstart and Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days! 

Early Bird special on NOW. Limited Numbers!


4 Week Kickstart
  • UNLIMITED Bootcamp Access for 6 weeks. Up to 6 sessions every week. Mon, Wed, Fri 5:45-6:30am. Tue & Thur 5:45-6:30pm, Sat 7-7:45am.
  • FUN WORKOUTS! Mixture of Cardio, Core, Boxing, HIIT, Circuits
  • Nutrition Plan with flexibility to include treats and choose your own foods.
  • Pre & Post weigh/measure. 
  • Private Facebook group for added accountability.
  • Pre & Post Fitness testing

Join our amazing fitness community with a wide variety of ages and fitness levels!

Our Bootcamp sessions are run at the Holy Cross School, Trinity Park. We have access to a huge undercover area, lighting, fan and toilets, which means we can train regardless of the rain!

If you want to join one of the longest running Bootcamps in the Northern Beaches, jump on board our 4  Week Kickstart.

28 Days of fun and fitness


  • 11th May Program Issued
  • 12th May – Weigh/Measure- Question time post Sat Bootcamp plus Coffee Catch-up at Eat Street Cafe
  • Week 1 – Fitness Test
  • Week 2 – Challenge Week. A variety of group challenges to help you push yourself and have FUN.
  • Week 3 –Post Training Coffee Catch-up after Saturday’s session.
  • Week 4Fitness Test Post Weigh/Measure
  • Social  catch-up Kewarra Beach Shack, Sunday



$97 EARLY BIRD OFFER – expires 27th April 2018

Price (after early Bird Special) $147

Current Members – FREE

Next Steps!

If you are ready to join our 4 Week Kickstart and drop a Dress Size in 28 Days, simply make payment and fill out the questionnaire and email to: admin@getactiveonline.com

Once we have received your questionnaire and confirmation of payment we will set you up with a Bootcamp membership.

Current Members wanting to join can simply email us and we will include your name on the list (must be done PRIOR TO 9th May)

Looking forward to a FUN 28 Days!

Hilds & Cam

Download the questionnaire

Total Program Cost $147

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $97 – pay before 27th April.

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Bank: Credit Union Australia

BSB: 814282

Account: 30860198

*Please put your name in the Payee Reference and notify us of your payment so we can get started on your program straight away


Meet Natalie

Just wanted to share this and to say thank you for the amazing positive impact you have had so far on my life this is something I have shared with my friends and want to show you x

Don’t normally post things like this but here it goes, if it inspires one of my friends it’s worth it.  I loved my pregnant body before and after the big belly and the scar.  I loved all of it because it all contributed to bringing my beautiful son into this world and I was proud of it, blessed that I was able to create him and bring his life into this world.  But I wanted to feel better on the inside after having a baby Because my confidence took a hit and I was was constantly tired and I desperately missed all of my family in England,  all of which are totally normal emotions.

I joined Get Active Boocamp and I feel better than ever, I feel more alive, confident and healthy plus I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and I have so much more energy.  I wanted to share this because I know other people maybe feeling this way regardless if they are a new mum or there feeling tired of the everyday stresses that life can bring.  Take a deep breath, smile and tell yourself you are fabulous ❤

Natalie's Success Story

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