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Why you can’t trust what’s on the front of a packet!

For those of you who saw my video on Facebook the other day I was VERY surprised by the Governments Star Rating on Food labels. I can now understand why consumers are TOTALLY confused. What I’ve noticed is that what is on the front of the label (marketing) is not a true indication of what the product is delivering. This has always been pretty obvious as marketing is used to make us buy the products […]

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The Time Excuse

Craig Harper explains why the time excuse is just not good enough….. As a trainer and exercise scientist, I am always talking to people who want a ‘better’ body. I’m regularly perplexed by how many reasons people have as to why they are out of shape and why they probably won’t start exercising any time soon. Amazingly, this inactivity rarely has anything to do with them personally; apparently it’s all about time, or rather their […]

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