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I help busy Mums Drop a Dress Size or two in 90 days so they can feel sexy and confident and spend more quality time with family! 

 Want to Drop a Dress Size? Increase ENERGY and FEEL Fantastic? 

Save time and confusion with my 3 Step Body Transformation Program helping women to:

  • Stop Dieting
  • Increase Energy
  • Lose Stubborn Belly Fat
  • Feel Sexy and Confident

GET RESULTS with my 12 week Body Transformation Program!

Here are just a few of the amazing Success Stories! 

12 Week Body Transformation

Are you gaining weight and wearing clothes to hide it, instead of the clothes you love?

Are you finding it harder and harder to lose weight?

I understand! As I approached 40 I found it harder and harder to lose weight.

I didn’t have the time for all the exercise I used to do. My hormones were out of whack, I felt constantly exhausted and it seemed harder and harder lose weight.

I tried doing more cardio and eating less but I would last a week and end up craving sugar. I really started feeling like a failure!!

This is when I realised there MUST be a better way and I’m excited to tell you there is!!!

After 11 years working as an Online Personal Trainer.

I’ve learnt the NUMBER 1 thing women need to do is:


12 Week Body Transformation

We don’t have to do more, instead we need to learn to work with our body, listen to it and find what will work for us.

There is no one size fits all. We are all unique and when we take the time to listen to our body and find what works for us, amazing things happen.

This is what my program is about!!

We work closely together to look at what you’re doing, what your lifestyle is like and what changes you can make to get the body and energy you deserve!

Honestly, nothing beats feeling energetic, trying on clothes and loving how they look and feel.

I’m now 43 and feel better than I did in my 20’s!

I exercise and eat well so i can enjoy time with my son, be active and not hide on the sidelines.

This is what I want to help YOU achieve.

Let me show you how…   

My 12 Week Body Transformation program has helped hundreds of women all over Australia get amazing results!

This program is unlike most other online programs as IT’S COMPLETELY PERSONALISED with FULL ACCOUNTABILITY!

You will get a nutrition and training program that is designed JUST FOR YOU. Regular check-ins directly with me. You’ll have constant support, motivation and encouragement.

Most importantly YOU WILL BE KEPT ACCOUNTABLE! Being accountable keeps you on track and ensures you get results. 

You can have the best plan in the world, although if you’re not kept accountable it’s too easy to stop.


My job is to keep you going. It’s all about consistently making small changes to get those BIG RESULTS! 

I’m an expert at helping Women TRANSFORM THEIR BODIES. I’ve been doing this for over 11 years now and it’s all about working out what will work for YOU and supporting you through.  

Check out our  success stories. They are women JUST LIKE YOU who simply decided it was time they felt amazing. They were sick of feeling tired, they wanted to lose weight and they were ready to change.

This can be you!!!!



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Meet Belinda…


I decided to take control of my health, not only for the benefit of my family but for myself. I was over weight, unhealthy, very moody and totally addicted to sugar. I was tired and confused about what I should be eating and how to realistically maintain a healthy lifestyle. I jumped online and googled “online personal trainer” and the the Get Active website came up. I immediately liked the fact that Hilde was a working mother and I felt that she would be able to help me. So I decided to commit to an online coaching program and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I have lost 8.4kg and 69cm from my body measurements. I feel amazing and am so proud of what I have achieved. My main goal when starting this program was make my health a priority and incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle into my normal everyday life which better manages my health conditions ( I have several chronic health conditions). I have totally achieved this. I feel like I have finally learnt how to eat properly and how to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle. I can’t thank Hilde enough for the knowledge and support she has given me.

The main thing I liked about this program was having someone I was accountable to each week, especially in the beginning. Changing bad eating habits in the first weeks was very challenging but having Hilde there to check in each week really kept me on track. I also felt confident that what Hilde was teaching me would work and that this wasn’t some fad diet.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program? I would totally recommend Hilde’s program … it has been life changing for me. My family and friends can’t believe how healthy and good I look. I feel like a new woman who jumps out of bed ready to take on the day… thank you!!

DISCLAIMER Results may vary from person to person

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12 Week Body Transformation Program
  • 7 Day Reset (Fast track your Fat Loss), helping you to quickly get rid of sugar cravings.
  • Personalised nutrition plan (catering for your dietary requirements)
  • Personalised training plan (designed around your level of fitness, what you have access to and your goals)
  • FULL SUPPORT dealing directly with Hilde
  • EASY meal ideas and recipes
  • Motivational tips

The 12 Week Transformation Program comes with UNLIMITED email support directly with Hilds. If you extra accountability you can check in daily or we can book in scheduled calls. At a minimum you will need to check in weekly.



Hilde Brunnbauer

Realistic Programs designed to get results!

Why Choose US

Many other online weight loss programs deliver generic plans or don’t really offer full support. At Get Active Online we pride ourselves on designing a program that will work for you. We will also be here WHENEVER you need support or someone to keep you that bit more accountable.

Whether you are a fitness junkie or stay at home Mum with little equipment you can have a program that will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The 12 Week Transformation Program is focused on getting big results in 12 Weeks. As such your program will include a combination of resistance training, cardio exercises and a simple and easy to follow nutrition plan. Along with a positive outlook these three components are vital to achieving a toned, fit, healthy body.

Looking forward to working with you! 


Meet Michelle…

What was your goal when you decided to work with me? Weight Loss, toning, better fitness.

Why was this important? I wanted to be happier in my own skin, more energy for the kids and life.

How long had  you had this goal? Years

What were the top 1-2 things that held you back from achieving your goal? Knowledge and motivation.

What had you tried to get to your goal before? Every other diet and fitness plan ever created.

At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous back ground in fitness? Yes, have had a gym membership since I left school – on and off attempts to be fit!

When you originally signed up what was your first goal? I think it was weight loss?

How were you feeling about losing weight at the time you started your program? Like it probably wouldn’t happen, but that I would give it a go.

Now that you achieved your goal, has your view of yourself changed? Absolutely. I know now that it’s not hard – it is all in my head, and all about my dedication to my goals.

How do you feel about your future? Like I need to wear shades… lol.

What have you liked best about working with Get Active? You – you are awesome. Down to earth, approachable, understanding and always responsive. You’re the best!

What challenges have you overcome and struggled with that kept you from progressing faster with your goals? Injuries, time management issues, lack of motivation

How did you overcome them? By working with you! Organisation, planning, goal setting, sharing problems with others and asking for help

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about doing a coaching program with Get Active? What are you waiting for? Just do it. If you want to change your life, and you are ready to work for it, Get Active will get you there.

*DISCLAIMER Results may vary from person to person

12 Week Body Transformation


*GUARANTEED RESULTS – 100% refund available if you do not get results when following our plan – To be eligible for a full refund you will need to FOLLOW YOUR PLAN, keep an accurate food and training diary and submit it on time with your feedback form.




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Looking forward to helping you in your Health & Fitness Journey! Love, Hilds

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Meet Karla

The meal plans she made for me were perfect. They were balanced, there was no ridiculous deprivation of particular foods, it was enough to sustain my energy and it wasn’t constricting. The workouts were effective, tough but realistic and I immediately saw results. No kidding, IMMEDIATELY.

See Karla’s story here


Karla Success Story

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