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Alison 12 Week Body Tranformation Success Story

There were times when it was hard to keep going, I got sick, then the kids got sick and it all seemed too hard but with Hilde’s reassurance that no one is perfect and it’s about doing the best you can each day I just kept going. I noticed that as I changed and became happier so did my kids and husband, I finally realized that it’s not selfish to look after yourself and taking some time for me actually benefited the whole family.

Alison 12 Week Body Transformation Body Blitz Winner

I have always been an active person and love to exercise.

My ‘problem’ and what ultimately led me to taking part in and completing the Body Blitz is that my body did not reflect my daily level of activity, it did not accurately reflect the person I believed myself to be. Not only was I bingeing on lollies, chocolate, biscuits and chips, but I was also drinking way too much alcohol and way too often.

Having recently being diagnosed as having a form of depression, I was hiding behind the haze of food and wine and pretending I was Ok.

During my program I was able to shift the focus from losing fat, to gaining a healthy mindset and approach to all aspects of my life. I didn’t want to just end this challenge at my goal weight, but rather with a healthier body and a happier mind & I can proudly say, I did!

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