Belinda 12 Week Body Transformation

Belinda 12 Week Body Transformation Before & After pics


I had read about Get Active Online through Oxygen Magazine, and I really liked the sound of the programs and trainers!  I originally did a 12 week program a while back, but found it really hard to maintain motivation towards the end of the program, my head just wasn’t in the right place and I had a lot of distractions going on in life at that time.  After I slipped up, I found it really hard to get back on track, and instead of having one bad moment, I’d end up having a bad day… or two!

After years of binge eating, followed by the overwhelming guilt that accompanies it, I felt stuck in a cycle of bad eating habits. 

Being in the Army Reserves I was pretty good at maintaining some form of exericse, so in the end I tended to sit relatively stable at the same weight- not being able to lose any, but not really putting on too much either.

Irrespective, I was really unhappy!  All I thought about was my weight! It consumed me!

For YEARS I not only didn’t feel comfortable in a bikini…I didn’t feel comfortable wearing pants! 

I felt so uncomfortable with myself that it affected my relationship with my boyfriend.  With him going away for 8 months with the Army, I decided it was a good time to start looking after myself a bit better and trying to get on top of some of these issues.  I got myself mentally prepared for the 12 week challenge and was determined this time to not let anything get in the way. The second time round with the 12 Week Body Results Program felt completely different. 

I have heard this word ‘consistency’ thrown around, but I didn’t realise how relevant it was! 

There was more than one or two times (that’s for sure!) that I slipped up and ate chocolate or some other thing I wasn’t supposed to, but I never let it dictate the next step! 

I’d give myself a clean slate and get right back on track.  I honestly think the biggest tip anyone can give you is CONSISTENCY! 

No matter what happens, just get right back on track.  In the past I used to try and counteract my binges with these extreme plans for twice/day exercise and strict eating, it was an inevitable failure!

Throughout this program, when times were tough I would think only about the day I was in, and getting through that single day, when I had done that successfully, the next day would be the same!  Breaking it down into manageable chunks made it a lot less daunting and SO much
easier to get through! 

I feel so much more control now in terms of my eating and exercise, and that’s something I used to lack- I felt completely out of control of my own behaviours, and it’s an awful feeling! 

Now, I get up and it is an automatic behaviour to do some form of exercise first thing in the morning.  If I don’t, I feel sluggish and lethargic.  It is an awesome
feeling to take charge and feel strong mentally and physically!


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