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Have you lost weight before only to get to a point where you think you can’t lose any more?You think this must be as good as it gets or you’ve hit a serious plateau.

This is common and there is a reason for it. The less you have to lose the harder it gets!

So why is this?

Well basically as you get smaller you use less energy when
exercising or doing daily tasks. It’s much harder to lug around 80kg and
iy takes so much more energy than it does to lug around 60kg.

So initially when you start losing fat it seems to come of a lot easier.

Your using more energy just to move, you’ve gone from eating not
much good food to really clean eating and you’ve increased your
training. So therefore the weight will come of much easier,  although
once your body adapts to the regular eating and exercise and you have
reduced your overall weight things can really start to slow down.

Most people hit this point and just tell themselves they’re not meant to lose any more or they simply can’t.

The reality is that you can although it takes really tightening things up.

What it means is that you now require less fuel to function and you need to decrease your overall calorie intake.

You can also increase your training although overtraining can
sometimes have a negative impact and simply leave you more hungry.

Basically it comes down to your nutrition, when you need to lose
those final few kilos it means eating REALLY clean, not picking and
breaking through that barrier.

So if you haven’t got much to lose and things aren’t moving much it
might be time to take a CLOSE look at exactly what you are eating as
about 80% of your final results come down to what you put in your mouth.

The good news is that YOU CAN lose the final 5kg although it will take some serious discipline and hard work!

So start taking responsiblity and be prepared to do some hard work.
It’s all well worth it as you’ll have the best body you’ve EVER had.

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