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How do I get motivated?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most and it drives me CRAZY!!!

Motivation doesn’t just happen and most importantly it shouldn’t be
something you should be waiting for before you do something.

It’s time for me to be harsh and tell you it’s time to stop waiting to be motivated and simply time for you TO DO!!!

Do you honestly think I feel like jumping on the treadmill and doing
a run after getting up throughout the night and feeding. Honestly, all I
would love to do is lay in bed while the nanny (who doesn’t exist) gets
up and feeds Braden and occupies him for the next hour or two while I
laze about and have a leisurely shower and breakfast.

BUT INSTEAD I get up feed, have a coffee, turn on the aircon in the
gym and try to ignore the thoughts in my head that tell me not to bother
training. Then once I’ve done my usual and myself and Braden are ready
we head down in the gym. Am I motivated, psyched and ready to go??? NO
WAY, it takes me a good ten minutes before I even start to get into it
and feel like I don’t want to go back to bed.

BUT THEN, it happens I get half way through and I’m loving it, the
blood is rushing through my body, the oxygen is flowing rapidly through
my lungs and I FEEL ALIVE.

So I suppose I’m motivated by how I feel afterwards although ultimately the key is to stop waiting and START DOING!!!

So stop making excuses and get out of bed and make it happen. We ALL
have time but sometimes it’s just easy to find excuses rather than do
what we know we have to do.

I’m off to enjoy the day because I FEEL FANTASTIC.

Have a great day.

Cheers, Hilds

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