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How I went this week:

Really well! I got up with my alarm 5 days (5.10am) and headed to the gym. I also did one session at home on the weekend. I am really happy to say I did not drink any alcohol all week. I ate about 90% to plan and lost around 800g. I was hoping to have lost more but am so proud of myself for having such a good week that I am not going to let this mornings scale weight get me down. I have already done a really hard legs session today and feel strong and motivated.

What training I did:

I completed all set training sessions and did extra walking on the treadmill if time permitted after a weights session. All up I did three weight sessions and four cardio sessions. I pushed myself really hard all week and had one rest day. I was sore, but not unbearably.

How I’m feeling:
Mentally very strong. I am looking forward to alot of things as the weeks go by…… I have really bad skin at the moment, I blame too many weeks of eating terribly, no exercise and too much alcohol as well as too little water. Already I see it improving and look forward to this getting better each week. I am also looking forward to fitting back into some old clothes. Most of all I look forward to my body being a true reflection of who I feel that I am – a strong, disciplined and happy person.

What I can do better next week:
Stick to the nutrition plan 100% ALL week!! Push even harder each training session and reflect and learn.

WELL DONE ALI, sensational effort (especially the no drinking!) 

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