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If you don’t know, ask someone who does!

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Cam here.  Loving my long awaited break on Thailand’s idyllic Andaman Coast.  There’s not many things that peeve me in the fitness industry.  Trainers spending more time either looking at their phones or looking at themselves in the mirror than with their clients would have to be close to the top.  Oh, and people with absolutely no idea on how to use gym equipment nearly killing themselves through lack of knowledge or instruction, that’s up there too.  It scares me (once I’ve finished popping a rib from laughing so hard), we’ve all seen the Youtube funnies of people making absolute twats of themselves in the gym.  I see it on almost every occasion in resort gyms while on holidays and the gym I used today was no exception.  4 other guys in the gym, all but one were doing crazy stuff with the equipment, things I’d never seen before, things I’d rather not see again.  The only reason the 4th person wasn’t doing anything crazy was because he was a young kid and was watching his dad teach him bad habits.  The staff on site seemed only slightly concerned but in their defence, they’d probably seen it a hundred times and thought it was how we crazy westerners trained.  My message is simple; if you don’t know how to use it….. ASK someone qualified to show you how.  If, for whatever reason, no one else is around….. don’t use it.  On this occasion, the risk for potential injury was quite high so I felt obliged to butt in on one of the males and give him a polite pointer.  Pity he was Russian (or thereabouts) and didn’t really understand me, but he seemed to get the general gist of it.  That’s my rant for the day, off to lunch and a nice cold Heineken… Cheers!

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