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High Intensity Bootcamp Workout

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Wow, this high intensity workout was great at Bootcamp this week.  I modified it slightly to make it ‘do-able’ at home, have a crack and tell me what you think.  Remember, the key element here is INTENSITY.  Don’t do it half-arsed with a view to conserve energy…… go hard and you’ll thank yourself later.  Enjoy.

50  Single leg box step ups with knee raise (25 per side)

40  Cycle crunches

30  Shadow boxers – Rapid (front/rear/dodge/rear) – do 15 per side and change stance to other leg

20  Lunge jumps to alternate sides

10  Hand release push ups – lower to ground, raise hands off then on the ground and press up OR do plyometric push ups – push up with a clap

10  Squat jumps with knee tucks

3 minute run – with Treadmill – 2 minutes 10 kph / 1 minute 12 kph.  Without Treadmill – run up your street at a light to moderate pace for 2 minutes then turn around and run hard back home.

1 minute recovery and REPEAT for a total of 5 rounds


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