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CAITLYN A Personal Journey

On the bottom of each and every email I send to the world is the
signature, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!’ I
know that people don’t read it or take the time to consider just what
the personal significance is of those words. I have done a thousand
miles, and then some.

Ten years ago, I was an outwardly happy, bubbly person to the world.
Inwardly I was a disappointed, self conscious, desperate and overweight
person hiding under layers of clothing. At 115kgs I was the heaviest I
had ever been, wearing size 22 clothing and waiting to find that first
step in the right direction. I believe that timing is everything, and my
time had come and things were about to change.

My weight loss journey since then has been a lot of trial and error.
I have tried diets, pills and even machines. It’s amazing how we try
every quick fix before we finally go back to the basics of proper
nutrition and challenging exercise. I was just on 82kgs when I decided
to do a 12 week challenge with Hilde from  over
the Christmas break.

I had to debate all the arguments with people, ‘Why at Christmas?’
My response was simply that it was the best time of the year. Christmas
is traditionally a time to put on a few kilos, not lose them, and then
put on a few more. I’m tired of the vicious cycle.

I have been on the most gruelling journey this past 12 weeks. I have
embraced the highs and learnt tough lessons from the lows. I finally
reached my weight loss goal of more than 40kgs total lost, I have the
body that I never imagined I could have, and I now wear a size 10. I am
the fittest and healthiest I could ever have dreamed to be. Best of all,
I have been able to walk around with my shoulders up and head held
high. Post Christmas, I am lighter and leaner.

I survived Christmas on a 12 week challenge, and look and feel awesome for all the hard work.

If you ever receive an email from me with those powerful words
inscribed at the bottom ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a
single step!’ You know now, I have reached a summit… Is my journey over?
Never, there are far too many more mountains to climb,

obstacles to overcome and victories to be won!!


Caitlyn Before Caitlyn Front After Caitlyn Before Back Caitlyn Back after Caitlyn fitness shot

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