Too much stress

The Evils of too much stress!

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Wow, it’s been a while since I blogged about me! Originally I started my blog as a place I could ramble about what was happening in my life, my goals and struggles and just let it all out.

Over the years as life got busy, this has stopped and I suppose my blog became a bit more “Business focussed” and I lost my avenue to just ramble on (which I’m very good at, he, he).

So I thought I’d get back to using my blog as a place to share my journey, as like anyone we all have struggles. Sometimes life is awesome and this is when we tend to share everything and sometimes, well, it’s not so awesome and just plain hard!

Anyone who knows me would know that I’m a pretty driven kinda girl. I’m a bit of a goal setter and when I set a goal I like to work my butt off and do whatever it takes to achieve it. This can be a great trait and sometimes not so great, because of this trait I’ve managed to achieve some awesome things but I’ve also managed to run myself into the ground.

As someone who’s passionate about fitness, I like to keep active and challenge myself and over the years I’ve done so many things that I’m really proud of. I ran a marathon in the Scottish Highlands and raised lots of money for MS research, I stepped on stage and competed in a Bikini Comp & came 3rd, I became a Mum and got myself looking better than ever afterwards, I became an Oxygen Top 10 Covergirl Finalist, I’m a regular contributor to Oxygen Magazine and just recently I left a well-paying job to do what I love full time and build a successful Fitness Business. Most of this was achieved while working full time, running my Online Personal Training Business, being a Mum and including lots of training.

So where has this left me? RUN DOWN.

Being into fitness you become quite aware of your body and how it works, although you can also have the tendency to push yourself quite hard. I know for me I was always looking at that next goal, that next event to challenge myself which has meant I’ve kept pushing myself harder and harder which has resulted in my health deteriorating. What some people don’t realise is that our bodies can only handle so much stress. When you’re stressed exercise can help but too much “hardcore” exercise can stress your body even more and eventually it gets fatigued!

Those poor little adrenal glands can only work so hard and recently mine have decided they’ve had enough. This has led to Adrenal Fatigue due to really low cortisol levels (too much stress for too long).

So what does this mean? Basically at the moment my body isn’t producing enough cortisol, and like any hormone in your body it’s pretty important to have the right levels, otherwise it can really throw things out of whack. So to feel energised and great again I need to balance things out and this means to SLOW DOWN. Now as a Business owner, Mum to a 4 year old and a Personal Trainer, this is easier said than done! For the past two months I have made a conscious effort to reduce my own training and rest when I can (which isn’t very often at the moment), plus I’m taking a multitude of supplements and I must say it’s helping, although there has been a nasty side effect. Due to the lack of exercise and my body being out of whack I feel pretty “yucky”. I’ve put on weight and mentally not as great as I love my exercise as my little time out and I FEEL SO GOOD afterwards. I’ve also been letting my nutrition go downhill. I’ve been using the excuse “My body’s not working properly so I’m not going to lose weight anyway so I might as well eat crap”. Yeah, sounds pretty silly really when I think about it, but I know that even though right now without as much exercise I can still eat really clean, no sugar, some good fats and lots of veggies and it will actually help. Although, what’s happening is I’m good for a few days then craving the sugar and just giving in and feeling worse for it. So I suppose what I wanted to share is that I’m pretty normal, I struggle like everyone else but there also comes a point where the excuses need to stop and I need to do what’s going to make me feel better. That means EATING REALLY WELL, including some low intensity exercise that’s not too exhausting, and RESTING when I can. The biggest battle for me is the food, so this is where I’m going to really focus all my energy. To help recover, it’s suggested you eat a diet low in processed foods, lots of good quality protein, good fats and veggies (what I’d recommend to most people). I suppose the key for me is making sure I’m CONSISTENT with this and don’t let those thoughts of “why bother” creep back in.

So this is the start for me on the road to not just looking better, but way more importantly FEELING AWESOME as nothing beats the feeling of feeling great. Each week I’ll use my blog to report how I’m going and what I’ve done to help me FEEL the best I can again.

Have an awesome day and make sure you squeeze in a bit of time JUST FOR YOU!


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