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Do you put yourself last?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why some people manage to make amazing changes and others really struggle. I’ve actually been one of the ones struggling lately and it really started to frustrate me. As much as I wanted to get right back into my training and eating well I just couldn’t seem to get into the groove. I’d last a week if lucky and I’d veer off track! I kept thinking I needed a new “plan” or maybe more “accountability” but I’ve actually realised it’s not that!

What I need is to stop putting myself LAST!

I know so many women can relate to this and I see it with our clients. It’s normally the Mum’s who do everything for everybody else that really struggle to make changes. They put everybody’s needs above their own and end up with barely anytime for themselves. I know we think it’s the right thing to do but what I know personally is that when I feel crap about myself and don’t do anything for ME I’m not the best Mum, Wife or Business owner, Personal Trainer I could be. For sure I’m doing all the tasks, I’m ticking off the jobs but inside I don’t feel my best and it shows through on the outside as well. Although when I’m MAKING the time for me, doing my exercise, eating well because I’ve taken the time to plan it out and MAKE ME A PRIORITY, I FEEL AWESOME. Even better than awesome, nothing actually beats that feeling.

So why do we put ourselves last?

I think for most women when we become Mum’s it’s just what we do and for some strange reason we believe it’s “OUR” responsibility! The reality is that there is help out there if we need it. I actually have a pretty amazing husband who does do heaps (maybe even more than me, hate to admit it) around the house and helping out with our son but I still find ways not to MAKE time for me. Family, Work and anything else gets put first! I think it’s that Mum guilt thing, you know that guilty feeling you get when you do anything nice for yourself. Seriously no one told me about that before becoming a Mum. I used to have no troubles laying on the beach reading a book for hours now even if I did have the time I’m sure I’d feel guilty for it.

What I’ve discovered is WE NEED TO PUT OURSELVES FIRST FOR A WHILE AND IT’S NOT A BAD THING! When you do put yourself on the top of the list you function so much better because you FEEL FANTASTIC. You’re energized and a happier person. It might just mean you schedule in your exercise sessions and MAKE THEM YOUR TIME. You plan out your food and make the family fit in a bit more. Seriously if you want to change then you need to start putting yourself first occasionally. It’s not going to be all the time but you need to put as much priority on YOU and your exercise and eating as you would for everyone else.

The reality is that if you don’t you will get annoyed, frustrated and angry and you won’t change!

So go on make some more time for YOU! As my husband always says “ A HAPPY WIFE = A HAPPY LIFE”.

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