21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge Results

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We’ve just wrapped up another 21 Day Challenge and we’ve got some AWESOME RESULTS!

I’ve had a few people mention how you can’t do much in 21 Days well I think you’ll find you can. You just have to check out the results below to see whats possible:

21 Day Challenge Results

When we run our 21 Day Challenge we are not promoting that you’re going to change all your habits overnight but if you’re consistent and really give it all you’ve got you can lose quite a few cm’s at the same time and dramatically increase your fitness.

The key is making sure AFTER YOU FINISH YOUR CHALLENGE you keep going! We have many clients go on to commit to 6 month bootcamp, join the next Online Program “Get your Sexy Back in 6 Weeks” or commit to a Personal Training Body Transformation Program.

So if you’re one of those people who think that these short challenges don’t work, they do and they might be just the Kickstart you need, just remember you WILL need to keep going to keep the results coming!!

Right now we have two different opportunities to help you get into a routine and start developing those lifelong habits – The 4 Week Kickstart (offer ends 31st May) perfect for those wanting the next level of training and accountability with Personal Training & Bootcamp sessions included and the popular Online Program “Get your Sexy Back in 6 weeks” starts Monday 18th May which can be combined with our Northern Beaches Bootcamp.

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