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Getting my Sexy Back!

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For anyone reading my blog you will have read that for the past few months I was suffering adrenal fatique which led to a lack of consistent exercise and left me feeling pretty crappy! Well after a few months of “resting” and trying not to overdo it I finally feel ready to get back into things and “Get my Sexy Back”.

This year I launched my Online Program “Get your Sexy Back in 6 Weeks” and it’s been getting AWESOME results. I must confess I’ve even been a bit jelous at times! Here I am helping others and they’re getting amazing results and I feel crap. Really not a great place for a Personal Trainer to be in especially when so many others look up to you. I suppose it’s a good wakeup call that I’m not immune to getting run down and sick and like I advise to all my clients, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND REST WHEN YOU NEED TO.

So anyway enough is enough! I want to FEEL awesome again as I just can’t describe how good you feel when you look after yourself. The feeling is AMAZING! It’s not just about “looking” a certain way but nothing beats that FEELING you get when you’re fit, lean and feel confident in yourself and looking great in your bikini doesn’t hurt either!

As a Personal Trainer and constantly learning about new ways of training and diets you can sometimes get caught up in thinking that “you” need something special but lately I’ve had to remind myself that the key isn’t a new fad but CONSISTENCY doing the right thing and even more importantly making TIME FOR YOURSELF.

Dill absSo after seeing a photo on facebook of my nephew yesterday showing off his new lean stomach I got motivated.

Why? Well because he told me it was my program that did it? I know it works for others so that’s what I’m going to do. Can’t wait to kick off with the group on Monday. I’ve been easing myself back into it this week and have been consistent with both my training and nutrition so I’m gonig to give it my all for the next 6 weeks. I’ll be posting my progress up here each week to make myself even more accountable.

It’s also not too late to join me. We are kicking off on Monday, everyone already committed has recieved their info and any late joineers will get it today so they can get organised for the coming week.



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