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Ways to speed up your metabolism

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We all know that having a great metabolism helps increase fat loss, but the question is HOW DO WE SPEED UP OUR METABOLISM?

Are we just stuck with what we’ve got or can we improve it?

I’ve got some good news! Yes, you can increase your metabolism and here are some simple ways to do it, but first let’s look at the things that can slow it down.

  • Not moving enough – Most people have pretty sedentary jobs, sit on their butt all day and don’t use their body as it was intended to.
  • Consume a fair amount of foods that don’t require much digestive effort.
  • Don’t eat when hungry
  • Don’t stop eating when satisfied
  • Participate in fad diets
  • Have disrupted sleep cycles
  • Using the lifts, escalators instead of the stairs and the list can go on and on!

Basically we’re not moving enough, not listening to our bodies and filling it with junk!  We are living lifestyles that promote low metabolic demand.

So how can we speed up our metabolism?

  • Do some physical activity EACH DAY. Schedule in some regular exercise, walk more and use your body as it was intended.
  • Challenge your muscles with some resistance training. The more muscle you have on your body the higher your metabolism, for every pound of muscle your body uses about 6 calories each day to sustain it whereas the same amount of fat only uses 2. So the more muscle the more calories your body will need each day just to survive!!
  • Drink more water, if you are dehydrated your metabolism can slow down.
  • Ensure you get regular sleep
  • Eat in response to hunger/fullness and avoid fad diets. Eat regular, frequent meals.
  • Consume protein with most meals. Your body burns more calories digesting protein that it does carbohydrate and fats.
  • Choose minimally processed foods
  • Get outside each and every day!
  • Caffeine can have a bit of a kick but it also comes with other not so healthy benefits. So if including caffeine, do so in moderation.

Really it’s as simple as getting back to basics. Using our body as it was designed to be used, GET IT MOVING, challenge those muscles, feed it when it needs fuel, eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed and choose the least processed options.

So even if your genetics aren’t great in the metabolism department, there are still so many changes you can make to improve things! Remember the higher your metabolism the more fat you’ll burn at rest.


Resources: Precision Nutrition, WebMD


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