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Lift Weights to lose fat – Why women should lift weights!

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Most women believe when it comes to fat loss they have to severely restrict their calories, add in heaps of cardio and that weight training will make them bulky!

What many women don’t realise is that weight training is THE KEY ELEMENT when it comes to transforming their bodies. Without weight training you will just end up a smaller, flabby version of your current self. I know when I chat to many women about their goals,  losing weight and toning up is always on the top of the list although there is a misconception that by losing fat somehow they will magically tone up.

Now let’s get one thing clear! To tone up you need to have muscle, to add muscle you need to be challenging your muscles. That means including some resistance training and pushing yourself, it doesn’t mean throwing around those pretty pink 2kg dumbbells or running for hours on end.  I know there is a fear of getting bulky but the reality is that women don’t have enough testosterone to get bulky and it’s actually REALLY hard to add muscle. So unless you’re taking some drugs on the side that fear of getting bulky isn’t going to become a reality anytime soon. For sure if you start weight training and eat heaps of junk you will have a nice layer covering your muscles and it may feel bulky but it’s not muscle that’s making you feel bulky it’s FAT due to poor nutrition and not moving enough.

So if you’ve been skipping out on the resistance training in favour of the cardio not only are you slowing your fat loss down you are slowing your metabolism down. Making it harder and harder to keep losing weight without severe calorie restriction and endless cardio sessions.

When adding in weight training you are not only challenging your muscles but by adding muscle mass to your body you end up burning more calories at rest allowing you to eat more while still losing fat. Plus you’ll be making your bones stronger as every time you challenge that muscle it works the skeletal system and helps make it stronger, especially important for women as they get older.

If the ultimate goal is fat loss and to get a nice toned body YOU MUST add in some resistance training!

A good fat loss program should always include an element of cardio, resistance training and nutrition!

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