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Want to know the BEST diet for ULTIMATE RESULTS!

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So is it low fat, high fat, no carbs, paleo or a shake diet????

 I know you want the answer now so you can finally get rid of those extra kilos and & feel fantastic!!!

 I’ve got some big news for you! There isn’t a magic diet or a one size fits all and as long as you keep searching for it, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

 Yeah, I know we all want a quick fix, that magic pill or potion that will strip fat off us fast and keep it off. The truth is that after years of working in the fitness industry I’ve noticed that the more information we have out there the more people are getting confused.

 I know it’s not sexy or exciting but what WILL get you results is!!

  •  NUMBER 1Would have to be CONSISTENCY. You need to be eating well most of the time and not just for a few days and having a massive blowout each weekend.
  •  NUMBER 2Eat more REAL food. To put it simply eat less junk that comes in a packet and more food in it’s natural state. Don’t over complicate it! I just mean more veggies, fresh fruit, meat, nuts & seeds and less stuff found on the supermarket shelves!
  •  NUMBER 3Control HOW much you eat. If you’re carrying extra weight, you are most likely eating more than your body needs or not moving enough. So start with looking at your TOTAL food intake and portion size. I know so many of my clients start out not eating much early and then go on to binge come the afternoon/evening. The goal is to eat frequent small meals to keep your blood sugar levels stable and stop the evil sugar spikes/crashes.

 By stopping the diet cycle you will end up making MORE progress than the constant up and down when following fads and the best part is you are far more likely to KEEP IT OFF! 

 There is nothing wrong with having a plan and following it but the key is to ensure that as you progress you are changing habits FOR GOOD! That’s why when I design programs it’s really important that we work together to find meals and snacks you like and WILL CONTINUE TO EAT. You also need to remember there isn’t a one size fits all and as you progress you need to listen to your body, acknowledge what is working FOR YOU and make changes accordingly. 

 So if you’re sick of the constant diet cycle why not try something new and develop some new habits that will stick with you for LIFE! 

 If you need some tips or advice book in for a FREE fitness consultation either in our Cairns Studio or via Phone if interstate. If you would like to take advantage of this please BOOK your FREE consultation HERE. 

 I hope you’re having a great week!

 Lose Weight, Get Fit & Feel Fantastic!


P.S If filling in the questionnaire make sure you include as much information about your current habits as possible so I can make some suggestions to help you start making changes now. 





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