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4.9kg in 4 weeks – Real Results!

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Awesome results from one of our “Get your Sexy Back in 6 Weeks” participants Caitlin!

Caitlin has been training at her local Fitness Studio for a couple of years now and until now has struggled to make the big changes she’s been aiming for. Don’t get me wrong this girl trains hard but until now hasn’t put together the training with correct nutrition, support and accountability that’s needed for awesome results.

6 weeks ago we purchased Viva Fitness for Women (formerly Contours) which is a Women’s Fitness Studio. It runs a circuit 4 times a day including resistance and cardio components. It’s a great principle and is a fantastic way for beginners to start out although as far as progressive training goes it hasn’t really been progressing. The model we bought was established in the 80’s and to be honest the style of training hasn’t really changed much, well until now!!!

Since we have taken over and having a strong background in the Fitness Industry we saw a huge lack of progression for the clients. So many women had been attending for years although some with little changes. They weren’t being challenged and as such had stopped progressing.

Now for anyone who works in the Fitness Industry you’ll know that you need to challenge your body to ensure it continually keeps changing. Your training needs to be progressive! That means mixing it up, changing your weight, timings, and exercises in order to continually shock your body. If you keep doing the SAME THING over and over again your body simply adapts and you’ll stop progressing.

So as business owners and people who are really passionate about Health & Fitness we couldn’t leave the model how it was. It was outdated and it needed some more functional training included and a complete package including nutrition, support and accountability. Since taking over we have been implementing these changes and I must say it hasn’t been easy.

Some people do not like change!!! They like doing the same old thing over and over again and any small changes throw them out of whack. So we have tried to be gradual with our changes but on the same hand we need to ensure we offer a quality service which means WE HAVE TO make change to offer the best service possible.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re still struggling to reach your goals and have been doing the same things over and over again it might be time to mix it up! That means you might need to ditch some of your regular classes and try including some heavier resistance training, adding in some interval training instead of steady state and taking a close look at everything that goes into your mouth!

If you need a hand or want me to look over what you’re doing don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day!


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