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Get your Sexy Back in 6 Weeks Results!

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Wow! Another round of “Get your Sexy Back in 6 Weeks” is complete and I’m still amazed at the results!

Here is just a few of the awesome results coming through!!! 

Caitlyn before & after front Before & After Pics Caitlyn before & after back

I can’t believe the 6 weeks are over!! I am extremely happy with my results. I really have enjoyed the program-

1) my weights have gone up-  leg press up from 150 to 250kgs, smith machine front squat from 45 to 65kgs, wide grip pull down from 54 to 70.5kgs, seated row from 40 to 57kgs just to name a few.

2) my fitness is out of this world (I am ripping out burpees during GRIT classes like I never have.. still hate them though… but they are easier!!)

3) my clothing is too big (I tried on a pair of size 10 shorts in the shops yesterday, they fit, got two pairs for less than the price of one- bargain!!)

4) My measurements have changed a lot!!

Weight: 82.3 – 76.4

BF%: 23 – 16.6

Weight loss_ 5.9kgs

BF% down by 6.4%

Cms lost- 43cms

It wasn’t until I looked at the final photos that the results hit home! I have done programs in the past and got to the end and felt ‘deprived’ but this challenge has been very different. I have realised that the sense of deprivation that I had was not being willing to let go of past habits and embrace just how amazing your body looks and feels. I haven’t had sinus issues, I haven’t been sick and I have had lots of energy- except during the low carb phase!! I have found a balance that I haven’t had in the past. I don’t crave sugar and my food bill has dropped because all the extras haven’t been creeping in!!

I can’t thank you enough for the work that you do! I am one very happy camper in the lead up to Christmas… I am ready to take on the holidays and the new year!!

Rue 6 Week Sexy Back REsultsChristina

Caitlin 6 Week ResultsJess Addinsal resultsIsabella Fuller Results






Leigh – Lost 3kg

Connie – Lost 5.1kg and 27.5cm

Kellie – Lost 24.5cm

Cyndi – Lost 2.3kg & 10.5cm

Shirley – Lost 2kg

Mel – Down 3.2kg and 25cm

Carrie- Lost 16.5cm

Jo – 800g & 10.5cm

Melanie – 5.3kg & 21 cm

Awesome work Ladies!



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