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Making your New Years Resolutions work!

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New Years ResolutionsIt’s that time of year when everyone sets their New Years Resolutions and the reality is that very few people actually follow through with them. It’s sad as everyone starts with good intentions but just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean you’re anymore likely to make changes .

What I’ve learnt over the years is that you need to have a few key things in place for resolutions, goals or whatever you want to call them to turn into reality.

The first step is to ensure you have REALISTIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE GOALS!  You need a goal that is important to you and you need to know your WHY! It’s all well and good saying you want to lose 5kg but what does it mean to you to lose 5kg? Do you just want to see a smaller number on the scale or do you want to feel leaner and more energetic? Do you want to fit back into those skinny jeans or be able to wear shorts and feel comfortable?

How long is is it REALISTICALLY going to take you to get there? This should be based on the effort YOU CAN PUT IN, not what others lose but what you can do.sucess rate for resolutions

How will you measure your progress? I think it’s always good to have a few ways of measuring your progress. This could include your weight along with some measurements or skin folds but even more importantly you want to make sure it’s not just based on an outcome. It’s also great to have a behavioral goal. That might be to consistently do 4 exercise sessions per week. Then you can monitor this and your success isn’t just based on a number but more importantly on your actions. So if the scale doesn’t move one week but you’ve kept up your training you don’t beat yourself up as you’ve still achieved your goal for that week.

Most importantly realise IT TAKES TIME TO CHANGE. You are trying to create a NEW HABIT and it’s not going to happen overnight. In the initial stages you will need to force it but if you persist after 6-10 weeks you should be into a routine and developed a new habit.

A good way of approaching any change is to have your goal but then to focus on JUST ONE change. That might mean that for the first MONTH you have one major goal like keeping up your exercise and including 4 sessions each week OR eliminating sugar. Then you just focus on that ONE GOAL for a WHOLE MONTH before adding in extra tasks. It’s proven you are far more likely to change a habit if just focusing on one thing at a time. Then when you feel like you’ve mastered that change you can add in another.

Ultimately you can make any resolution or goal become a reality but you need to ensure you have the right mindset and you are actually prepared to make some great changes. If you are then NOTHING will stop you.

I hope you’re all having a great New Year!


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