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My goals for 2016 – Making time for ME!

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Last year was a busy one for me. Actually busy is an understatement. It was crazy at time, super stressful and had huge ups and downs. Cam & I finally jumped full time into our passion and were both working full time in our Smithy Studio and when that wasn’t enough we purchased another fitness studio in town! To say it was stressful and busy does’n’t really cut it. I’ve never worked so hard in all my life and at the same time totally neglected ME. It was a year where we made some big steps forward professionally but personally I really let myself go. Working 12+ hours a day didn’t leave much time for me and my exercise and eating well got neglected. It’s been a HUGE reminder how easy it can be to let things get off track but more importantly that MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF should be NUMBER 1! When you don’t spend time on yourself nothing else is as enjoyable. You feel tired, lethargic and it doesn’t take long for the mood to plummet.

So this year there is no New Years Resolutions but some goals to work towards.

I know the world doesn’t change on December the 31st but what does happen at the end of the year is it’s a time to reflect and MAKE CHANGES HAPPEN. I’ve PROMISED myself I will not experience another year like the last one. I’m not prepared to sacrifice my health and time with family & friends at the expense of everything else. So for me it’s simple! I WANT BALANCE!!!! I want to feel energetic, fit, healthy & HAPPY. I know to make that happen it means spending some time on myself. No more feeling guilty for working out or relaxing. It’s should be a standard. As a Personal Trainer I got into the industry because I loved Fitness. I love making people realise they can FEEL fantastic by exercising and eating well and here I am helping everyone else get fit and feel fantastic and totally neglecting myself.

So first step GOAL SETTING! I’m setting some simple goals this year – 

  • To exercise regularly – Each week my aim is to get in a good 3-4 weight sessions and some cardio (cardio isn’t too much of an issue as I do a fair bit at work so need to focus on strength training)
  • To eat well CONSISTENTLY – For me this means more food preparation and planning and having food in the house!
  • FEEL ENERGETIC – This will happen if I do the above two things plus get 8 HOURS SLEEP  as often as possible.
  • ENJOY EACH DAY! – Create more balance in my life by SCHEDULING IN NICE THINGS!
  • To reduce overall body fat and come into my 40th Birthday, eeek, feeling THE BEST I EVER HAVE! To do this I just need to do the simple steps above!

Next step is to have a DEXA scan so I know what my starting point is and can set achievable goals to achieve this year!

It’s funny, I think this is the first year EVER where I have looked forward to making changes instead of thinking of it as a challenge or a chore. I’m exctied to see how good I can feel. How lean I can get and do it in a BALANCED WAY! 

This year is GOING TO BE AWESOME. WHY? Because I KNOW it will be. I strongly believe in visualising what you want and it WILL BECOME A REALITY. 

Take some time to think about what is TRULY important to you and what you want to do. Then put a plan in place about making it happen and ALWAYS REMEMBER TO ENJOY THE JOURNEY as when you don’t you have to question why you are doing it! 

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