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Sometimes life is S#%t

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Yep, that’s right! Sometimes life can be crap! You know when week after week it just feels like a grind and you just can’t be bothered anymore? This has been me for the last few weeks. It’s been a constant slog working my butt off for little reward and it starts to take its toll.

To give you an example, last week I flew my Dad up to help renovate our City Studio. He flew in on Thursday, went straight from the airport to the Studio to draw up the plans and then spent the next 5 days working his butt off! He worked at least 12 hours each day, 14 on Friday and we were there from 5:30am-10:00pm on Saturday night and this man is 69! Then on Sunday my sister flew in and again, straight from the airport to the studio to join us for some painting. This continued for the next few days until they both flew home. It was a bit frustrating as my sister hasn’t been up in years and it was all spent working, although I must say we were REALLY, REALLY grateful as the place needed a massive makeover and we couldn’t have done it on our own. So feeling proud and excited to hear about what the staff and clients thought about the changes we had made. The first email I get Monday morning is from a member from the old model we bought.  Her email stated – Can you please return the 1.5kg Dumbbells! Mmmm nice way to start my week! After slogging away all weekend, all I hear about is a crusty pair of Dumbbells that are quite useless and so old that I happily threw in the bin! (mind you I had left some 1kg & 2kg DB’s there)

To put things into perspective, we bought a business that was very run down and the original owners had little regard for client progression or results and it was all about getting the numbers in the doors will little support after that (standard gym-type business model, really).  There was little money spent, or should I say none on new equipment or maintaining the facilities. So we came in excited to introduce progressive training, provide full support and to revamp the studio. I’m REALLY proud to say we have, but as you know change can be hard and not everyone likes it. We’ve had lots of awesome feedback and many of the clients love the changes, but as always you are always going to get the negative ones and for some reason these people can just wear you down.

So what’s this all about? Why am I writing this?  Well, I’ve had enough. It’s time to get ME back and be true to why I started in the Fitness Industry.  I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE who WANT TO CHANGE. I don’t mind giving EVERYTHING to anyone who has a desire to change and is willing to take suggestions on board. I don’t have time for people who just like to whinge and complain and do little to change their situation.

So in saying that, I need to stop being one of those whingers and I need to start making changes in my life! I am no longer going to let other people’s negativity or my crazy schedule stop me from doing what makes ME FEEL GREAT. I got into the fitness business as I love how eating well and exercise makes you FEEL and I wanted to share that with others. So now it’s time for me to get back to basics and get back to doing what I love. That means MAKING the time to do my own training, eating well and then I know I’ll be able to help others. When I feel crap I’m really no good to anyone!

So first up I need to say THANKS. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. Our amazing families & friends, staff and our awesome fitness community. I truly love what I do and there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone else feel better about themselves. Have to add an extra big thanks to my Dad, Sister, Cam & Brady for all their work over the last week! You’re all amazing and we now have an awesome Fitness studio I’m proud of.

So if you’re like me and have been experiencing a bit of crap in your life, it might be time to stop dwelling on it and focus on what you can do and start making changes and don’t forget to appreciate all the people in your life that have a positive impact.

YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!!! Just don’t let the negative influences get you down.

Have an awesome day!



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