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How to Squat

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We’re pretty big on GOOD FORM here at Get Active and our awesome trainer Lorraine has put together some simple tips to help you learn how to Squat.

“Squatting is a part of every day life, sitting to a chair or sitting to the seat on a the bus so why do we find we cannot squat when we are in the gym?  If you are having trouble with your squats in the gym come and speak to any of our friendly Trainers we are always here to help.”


How to squat

Beginner Squat

Remember it takes time to get it right but you are far better off focusing on getting your form correct so you get the most out of every move.  I think the thing I say the most at Bootcamp is “Stick your butt out”. It really does make a big difference! Look after your knees and learn to squat properly.


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