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What to do when you’ve lost your motivation

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This has been me all YEAR. I’ve really been struggling with that thing called motivation. I know why but it hasn’t made it any easier. Since we have expanded our Fitness Business all my energy and time has gone into that and little has been left for anything else. I’ve had absolutely no balance in my life and after a while it starts to take it’s toll.

Every week I write out a plan of attack, every week I start AGAIN and every week by Thursday (if I’m lucky) it all goes to crap and the “start again next week” thing happens again. Yes, I’m like everyone else, I still struggle with it all and my whole life is about Health & Fitness and I have an awesome fitness studio at my fingertips! So how do you get motivated again???

Well the reality is that it’s not motivation that I need but instead I need to be at a point where I’m ready to commit. Where I’m ready to give everything I have to my goal and I’m prepared to get uncomfortable. The reality is my life isn’t changing any time soon and I can either keep justifying how I have no time and it’s all too hard or I can suck it up and find ways to make it work.

From someone who has set goals and achieved them before I know what it takes and this is my plan of attack –

FIRST STEP – Set yourself a goal that is IMPORTANT TO YOU. Then you have to make sure it’s realistic and achieve for you.

NEXT STEP – Get a plan that is going to help you achieve your goals but again it needs to be realistic and achievable.

FINALLY – You need to make sure you have the SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY to help you stay on track and then you need to CONSISTENTLY DO THE RIGHT THINGS.

For me I’ve got the first two steps, it’s the final step that I lack and I know just how important that accountability aspect is. When I’m made my biggest changes it’s because I had implemented a way of keeping myself on track. I know just how important the accountability aspect is as it’s the reason why I started my Online Personal Training business. Online Personal Training done correctly has such a huge success rate and it’s not because I’m there spotting someone or telling them to run faster but it’s the fact that they have to check in with me and I find most people are a bit more honest via email than face to face!

So what am I going to do about it? Well I’ve got the goal –

GOAL – To look & FEEL amazing for my 40th. 14 weeks away!

Hilde Brunnbauer What does this mean specifically for me? In terms of FEELING amazing. I want to have energy again. I’m been suffering Adrenal Fatique due to high levels of stress and overdoing it throughout the years. I’ve also recently got sciatica which I believe is also contributed to the stress and not looking after myself. I just want to feel ENERGETIC again. I remember the days when I’d wake up and I’d jump out of bed and go for a run and I’d FEEL AMAZING. Now I wake up have 2 coffees, go train other people and if I’m lucky force myself to do some training later in the day. This needs to change & it will. In terms of looking amazing. I want to look better than when I had my photoshoot after Braden was born. I worked really hard for this although was lacking a bit of muscle. So my goal is another photoshoot with a bit more muscle. I also had a Dexa scan earlier this year and I was 26% body fat, not really impressive for someone who used to do a lot of exercise. I’d love to bring this down under 20%. I want to feel FIT again. My goal is to work up to running 10km with ease. I could most likely run it now but it’s not easy and I want it to feel good.


Well I’m going to use what worked for me before and has worked for so many of my clients – “Get your Sexy Back in 6 weeks”. This starts on the 16th of May so I’m joining in and going to give it my all. Actually I’m starting next week as there is no point waiting any longer plus it gives me the opportunity to add in any bits of information or video blogs that others might find interesting.

For me the biggest struggle point has been having the accountability and support. I’ll also be doing my regular weekly check-ins like everyone else but I might also make mine public so I can’t hide from anyone! Each week I’ll do a complete check-in to let you know how I’m tracking.

So if you’re like me and been struggling to get back into it try using some of my tips to get you started and don’t underestimate the power of having some support and accountability.



Have an awesome day everyone.


P.S If you want to jump on board the next round of “Get your Sexy Back in 6 weeks” it’s not too late! https://getactiveonline.com/campaign/getyoursexyback/




2 responses to “What to do when you’ve lost your motivation”

  1. Debbie says:

    I have signed up and start a prework out on monday. It is nice to know everyone has the same issues. Lack of motivation and feeling horrible. I will join you on this journey again. Deb

  2. Tracey Defferrard says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! It makes me feel reassured that inspirational people like you are not robots. Go Hilde! You can and WILL look and feel great for the big 4-0!
    You’ve given me no choice but to want to join the 6 wk challenge too!

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