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Getting my Sexy Back – Feeling Fit & Fantastic for my 40th! Week 1

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Well I’ve started! FINALLY got my crap together and forced myself back into it.

I’m on a mission to feel fit & fantastic for my 40th and this was week 1.

I thought I’d keep a bit of a diary of how I go as I know so many others have the same struggles and it’s nice to read how other people go.

Well before I get into it can I just remind you I’m FAR FROM PERFECT, never have been, never will be. What I am, is honest! So here goes.

Week 1

Goal to get back into a routine. Have been struggling with my nutrition and training and really made no progress in quite some time. Was using the I’m too busy, stressed, tired excuse and enough was enough.

Day 1- Following “Get your Sexy Back in 6 weeks” . Feeling pumped, finally ready to get stuck into something and have my meals planned for the day. All went pretty well until 3pm hit and I felt like I’d taken a sleeping pill. Geez was I tired, maybe it was my body going into shock after all the Mothers Day Treats? I’m not really sure but all I know is that I was trying to lay on the couch after I picked up Brady from School and sneak in a quick 10 minute nana nap or should I say power nap (sounds better) and Brady wouldn’t let me. Is this what they call a sugar detox? Anyway I survived meals on track and training done.

Day 2- Feeling good although pretty sore from my workout the previous day. Was meant to crank out some hill sprints but think I was dreaming when I planned that one. Legs were feeling like lead so it turned into a jog/walk instead, better than nothing. Food was on track as I’d planned it out again. I did crave some sweets after dinner but stayed strong and felt good for it. Overall a great day.

Day 3 – Ok now I’m getting hungry. It seems all the junk has left my body and now I’m craving it! Had to move my meals a bit closer together to stay on track to stop myself from going off track. Also had to force myself to do my Full Body workout as I wasn’t really feeling the love.

Day 4 – So this is usually when all goes to crap! All day I knew this in the back on my mind so I made a conscious effort to plan out my food and stay on track. I did end up having a bite of some Raisin toast and a little pick at Brady’s dinner. Felt pretty bloated and tired. No training today as it was planned rest as Thursday are my crazy work day. Overall felt really proud I’d stayed on track.

Day 5 – Excited that I have had such a great week with my nutrition. Had great plans to start the day with a good cardio session and well sometimes things don’t go as planned. Turned out Brady was quite upset and really wanted Mum to go to school with him so there went the morning cardio. Forced myself up the Red Arrow around lunch time, it was very enjoyabe but not quite the challenging session I had originally planned. Had another great day eating as I’d planned it out and it’s the first Friday in a long time I was on track. ¬†Took a sneaky look at the scale and I’d lost 1kg so far.

Day 6 – Started out well! Feeling good had a busy morning with Super Saturday. Started with a coffee although due to working all morning didn’t really eat and ended up starving and everything really just went a bit downhill from there. Ended up having Breakfast out at lunch time and few treats that afternoon night. Nothing major but a bit more than planned. No exercise besides what I did during the Super Saturday as I was buggered.

Day 7 – Got up and forced myself out for a run. I was determined to make sure I had a good Sunday. Went out running and hit the 8km mark and had a massive stitch. Well actually I thought I was dying but it turns out it was just a stitch! Actually had to get Cam to come and get me as could barely breathe and couldn’t imagine running another 4km. By the time Cam picked my up it was gone and I felt like a bit of an idiot. At least I got 8km in which is more than I’ve done in a while. Nutrition started well until we headed out after lunch. Didn’t pack food (first mistake) and ended out way longer than planned. I had also planned for weights in the afternoon and that so wasn’t going to happen either. Ended up having an afternoon of crap! Think that 1kg might have come back…….. I did finish up losing 7cm and .5kg.

Overall how would I rate my week? Well actually I’m pretty happy with my nutrition throughout the week and I’ve learnt a fair bit about what I can improve.

  • BEING PREPARED AND PLANNING IS THE KEY – When I had planned my food and didn’t leave it to long before eating I was great. Whenever I missed meals or wasn’t prepared it went to crap. So focus for the week. Plan my food each day and if going out take food with me.
  • GET MY TRAINING IN DURING THE WEEK – Trying to fit in too much training on the weekend just doesn’t happen. This weekend I only really got Sunday off and Brady just wants to PLAY so trying to fit too much of my own training in while juggling Cam’s just doesn’t work. So all weight workouts need to be done either during the week or in the morning.

So as you can see it was FAR from perfect but I’m not beating myself up. I can see what I need to work on and that’s my goal for the coming week.

I hope everyone is having an awesome week and most importantly learns what works for THEM!

Cheers, Hilds

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