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Sucking it up and doing what needs to be done!

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Sometimes you have to stop complaining and finding excuses and just suck it up and do what needs to be done!

If you’re read my last blog I’m on a bit of a mission to feel fantastic for my 40th! I’ve booked in some photos with the awesome Dallas Olsen and Oxygen Magazine to get some fitness pics taken for my 4oth!

I must say the process hasn’t been easy as my life is crazy and my workload seems to keep increasing! So as much as I would have loved a few weeks to really knuckle down what I’ve had is extra shifts, early starts, late night and visitors. This has meant eating out heaps, not as much time to fit in my training and trying to cram it all in when I can. It has been frustrating and at times just really bloody hard! Although what I have learnt over the years is to JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN EACH DAY AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Some days I have been super tired and really can’t be bothered but instead of feeling sorry for myself I’ve had to suck it up and just do what I can. It might have meant a powerwalk instead of a jog or a slower less intense weight workout but the key is I’ve KEPT GOING.

I honestly don’t think I’ve had more than a few days without a treat but I’ve learnt to factor them in and not beat myself up! For me this is a lifestyle and the only major change right now is I’ve tighten up my food choices a bit and added in a bit more exercise.

So if you’re stuck in a rut and really not changing sometimes all it takes is making a serious commitment. For me that was booking and paying for photos. I could have got my Dad who is an awesome photographer to do it but I know it would have been too easy to cancel on him, ha, ha. So I invested money in a professional fitness photographer instead (no offense Dad but I needed that commitment so I’d stick it out). ┬áSo if you’ve got a goal it might be time to invest some money and time into yourself and then sucking it up and doing what’s needed. There is never a perfect time, there is not a perfect result but instead just doing the best you can and feeling proud that you can sit back and say you did your best.

This was me about a week ago. I’ve got another week until my pics. I might not be super lean or ripped but I’m happy with the effort I’ve put in with the things I’ve had to juggle. This is all about ME doing the best I can and feeling proud of my effort.


Fit @ Forty We are all capable of achieving great things but sometimes it takes getting uncomfortable, sucking it up when you can’t be bothered and CONSISTENTLY doing the right things!

What are you going to do to get yourself one step closer to your goals?


Have an awesome day!


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