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The whole me!

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Recently I had some photos taken for my 40th Birthday. The pictures taken were amazing and I felt fantastic.  The amount of comments I received was overwhelming. It sure was an awesome way to make a girl feel great for her 40th!

Having said that, deep down I felt like a bit of a fraud. I was getting amazing comments and all I could think is “I don’t look like that every day”. If only you could see me at 6am at my Bootcamp sessions!  So many lovely women were commenting that they wished they could look like that. I just wanted to tell them all that it wasn’t the everyday me, that I was proud of what I had achieved but by no means did I look like this all the time!

Which one is me? Am I the glamorous Fitness Model or the daggy Mum?

Shortly after getting my photos done I received an email which really gave my self-confidence a knock and made me doubt myself even more. Did people only like the glamourous me, was the everyday me not good enough? For years I’d battled with the thoughts that I’m not good enough and here it was rearing its ugly head again.

It took someone else who works in the Fitness Industry to make me realise that the glamourous me and the daggy, everyday me is the one and the same person.  I should feel proud of myself and I do, but sometimes I still get those self-doubts like everyone else.

This process made me realise how so many women put pressure on themselves to look a certain way and value their self-worth on how they look, not on who they are. They are aspiring to be like images they see online or in a magazine and the sad reality is that those fitness professionals don’t look like that every day.

I suppose it has made me realise what I really love doing is helping women FEEL GREAT, that doesn’t mean reaching a certain size but whatever feeling great means to that person. We should all feel PROUD of ourselves regardless of how we look. Yeah, my glamourous photos might be great but that’s not me all the time!

Here is a picture from my photoshoot and pictures of me now. I’ve had a week of birthday celebrations which I wouldn’t change for the world and have just got back into things the last few days. I’m 1-2kg and a few cm’s off from when I had my pics taken and I’ll be back to where I was in about another week of clean eating.  I’m not super lean but I feel great!

The Whole Me

The reality is that this is me normally and even though I might complain about my big butt and legs, it’s those legs that make me strong and enable me to run. I might complain about the wobbly bit on my belly but it’s that wobbly bit that reminds me of my gorgeous son. So as imperfect as I am, I feel great that I’m fit, healthy and I motivate so many other women to push themselves and to believe they can achieve their goals.  I suppose for a while I was embarrassed to feel proud of myself as I’m not perfect! I’m not a size 8 and never will be but I’m fit, strong and have an amazing family and friends.

So ladies, be inspired and motivated by images out there but don’t judge your self-worth on what you weigh or what size you are. Just strive to be the best version of yourself you can be.

We are all amazing, how we think about ourselves is up to us. Don’t let others dictate how you should and shouldn’t feel. Start by being proud of JUST WHO YOU ARE!

I’m still a work in progress at 40 but I’m getting there, I’m proud of who I am and I’m absolutely loving the journey!

Love, Hilds

Fit & 40! My Family!

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