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Oxygen Covergirl Semi-finalist 2016

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The latest Oxygen is on sale TODAY and I’m lucky enough to be in it as one of the Oxygen Cover-girl Competition Semi-finalists for 2016!


How awesome is that!!!

This means a lot to me as Oxygen Magazine is what motivated me to follow my dream of owning my own Fitness Business & working full time in the Fitness Industry.

It started back in 2007 when my before & after story was featured in Oxygen. To think that a very average 30 year old could be on the pages of her favourite fitness magazine was amazing. I suppose it gave me the belief in myself that when you set your mind to something,a46k2721b anything is possible.

Since then I’ve gone on to follow my dream and have my own fitness business and help so many people all around Australia (now overseas as well) to achieve their fitness goals but most importantly FEEL so much better about themselves.

Here I am at 40 feeling the most confident in my own skin than I ever have and it all started when I started to believe in myself!

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals or lacking motivation it might be time to sit back and work out what is REALLY important to you. Then make a COMMITMENT to yourself that you will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve your goal. On the days when you can’t be bothered or you’re not motivated you need to REMIND YOURSELF how good you’re going to feel when you achieve your goals.


I’m no one special but I’ve achieved some pretty amazing things and it’s only because I started to believe in myself and did what it took to get there. If you need support ask for it and always focus on what you can do rather than  what you can and just keep getting that bit better each week.

If I can do it, anyone can!

Have an awesome week and make sure you’re taking another step closer to your goal.

Love, Hilds

Oxygen Magazine Covergirl Competiton

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