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Some days you just want to stay in bed and eat cake!

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Last  week was one of those weeks where everything was HARD! It was one of the weeks where you just want to curl up in bed, eat cake and wish it all away, but you know what? We all have these weeks and sometimes things can be tough and crazy but there is always an option to turn things around.

After years of working in the fitness industry I’m still surprised at how many people think that as a trainer I must do it easy. That because I run a fitness business I’m always motivated, it’s easy to get my training in and I always eat clean.

Shit, I wish!

The truth is that now that I run a fitness business I have less time than ever for my training, I’m busier than ever and the times I love to train I’m training other people. Most days I get up at 4:30am and by the time I can do my own training I’m so unmotivated and tired that I can easily find a reason not to do it. I drink too much coffee and crave sugar as I’m constantly tired! (did I say I’m tired, ha, ha)  I spend most of my days motivating others and just wish I had the same level of motivation for myself. I get jealous of our Personal Training clients as I’d LOVE to be able to commit to set sessions each week and have someone to push me through but instead I just have to fit my training in when I can and find a way to keep myself motivated.

But the reality is I LOVE WHAT I DO and I find a way to make it work. When I see, people changing and feeling better about themselves it makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve got clients who live on cattle stations and do all their training in their sheds with little equipment. We have clients who come to us regularly for Personal Training sessions each week and we have members who come to Bootcamp before their kids wake up so they can get it done for the day.

This week I’d been checking in daily with our 6 Week Sexy Back participants and when I posted a crappy of day of eating people were surprised! It’s reminded me that people need to know WE ALL STRUGGLE, WE ALL have our own challenges. The key is to DO THE BEST YOU CAN.

One of the most important things I have learnt after years of being in the fitness industry and I want to share with you and hope you can take on board is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had a bad day or you can’t commit to certain sessions each week. You need to FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and be nice to yourself. I don’t beat myself up if I have a day with too much sugar or no training. I just pick myself up, move on and aim to make the next day better.  I don’t get angry because I can’t commit to certain training sessions and instead do my training on my own, I just make it work. Remember THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. If you can’t go to a set session each week find a home workout and allocate 30 minutes 3 x week  or even 10 minute blocks whenever you can!

On Saturday after taking Bootcamp and feeling like I just wanted to spend the morning on the couch I did a quick 30-minute workout which only used a KB & Box. Braden was with me and I had him set up with my laptop while I did my workout. I had to stop a few times and solve some computer issues & finish with the Hokey Pokey, but I still did something and I feel great for it. I could get annoyed as I would LOVE to just do the Bootcamp and get pushed my someone but I can’t so I do what I can.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting videos of home workouts which can be done with little equipment to help everyone feel like they can get something in each week.

Remember WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN STRUGGLES! Don’t get angry or blame anyone else, focus on what you can do and FEEL PROUD OF EVERY LITTLE CHANGE YOU MAKE!


Have and awesome week!



Here is today’s little workout

50 seconds work/10 seconds rest – can easily download a timer on your phone

  • Squat Press
  • Tricep Dips
  • Step ups
  • Step ups – other leg
  • Pushups
  • KB Swings
  • Strap Rows or KB Rows
  • KB Sumo Squat with High Pulls
  • Plank

Rest & Repeat 2 more times.

I used a 14kg KB, box & laptop with friv free kids games!  Videos will start to come soon!

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