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Bring on 2017!

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Well that’s another Chrissy over with and another year coming to an end. I must say that this time of year is pretty special. When you have a young one around who waits all year for his Birthday just 2 days before Christmas and then Christmas comes, it’s an exciting time!

To see the excitement on Braden’s face Chrissy morning is just amazing. The excitement in his eyes that Santa made it to our house and filled our house with presents is pretty special. In that moment it makes you forget about all of the crappy things that might be going on and just be truly grateful for the small things in life. Seeing that joy on your child’s face and spending time with people who matter to you most is what life is all about.

This time of year is a time I always like to sit back and really think about the year that has passed and what I want from the year ahead. I’m not so much for making resolutions but instead making changes in my life that will bring me closer to living the life that aligns with my values and truly enjoying every day!

For me this year would have to be one of my toughest yet. There has been some great highs but also so many lows. I’ve experienced the best in people and also seen how nasty others can be. It’s been a real eye opener seeing how different people with different attitudes can affect your life. I’m someone who likes to think the best in others and sadly this year has taught me that there is just some pretty nasty people out there regardless of how nice you try to be. Although rather than focus on the negatives I’m choosing to be grateful for what this year has taught me.

I’m truly grateful for my family & close friends & my goal for 2017 is simple. To spend more quality time with the ones I love and doing things I enjoy! I’m not on a mission to achieve anything amazing but instead want to enjoy each day and surround myself with positive likeminded individuals.

I’ve also learnt from this year that when I don’t look after myself and I put everything else first I suffer which actually affects my whole family. Our health is so important and when you experience those close to you die, struggle from both mental and physical illness it really makes you appreciate what you do have and to look after yourself and cherish your health. This year I just want to get back to FEELING energized. Waking up feeling good rather than dragging myself through the day.

For me this will mean creating a nice work life balance. Making time for myself and not feeling guilty about doing the things that make me feel great. I got into the fitness industry as it changed my life and I know first-hand how good eating well and exercising can help both your physical and mental health. So for me it’s getting back to basics and putting an emphasis back on myself because if you don’t look after yourself how can you truly help others!

So after a pretty crappy 2016 I’m actually REALLY excited about the year ahead. I’ve learnt so much from this past year and I believe it’s made me a stronger person. One person who has helped me more than anyone ever could is my amazing husband Cam. His is my rock and keeps me going when sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Without Cam I don’t know if I could continue to grow and stay positive. So thanks to my wonderful Husband. Can’t wait for a great 2017 and heaps more fun times!

Thanks to all the clients who have been so awesome this past year. The ones who turn up with a smile and appreciate it when you try and help. You are the ones who keep me motivated and remind me why I do what I do. I have all the time in the world for anyone WILLING to change, has a POSITIVE attitude and most importantly is HONEST!

So that’s 2016 done. Can’t wait to CREATE the life I love living in 2017. Remember we all have choices and it’s our life to take control of. If you don’t like how things are going right now ask yourself what you can do to change it.

Enjoy the Journey!

Love, Hilds

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