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Exercising but not losing weight?

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Exercising but still overweight?

Yep, it happens! You’re keen, motivated and you actually take action. You’re back at the gym and you’re working harder than ever but for some reason you’re still not achieving your weight loss goals. Sure, you feel a bit fitter and stronger but the clothes aren’t feeling much better and the scale sure isn’t moving!

I’m going to let you in on something that you might not like….

Exercise alone won’t get you the results you’re after! 

There, I said it! Yes, I am a Personal Trainer and I have trained people for years but training alone won’t get you the big results you’re after. After years of working online and running Bootcamps and Personal Training in Cairns I’ve seen that quite often it’s my Online Personal Training clients who get the cracking results and the reason is simple…

They are using a combination of training AND nutrition to change their shape and even more importantly they are keeping ACCOUNTABLE. Each week they submit their training and nutrition diaries and if things aren’t changing we can easily see why,  whereas if someone just comes to a few training sessions and doesn’t do anything about their nutrition, then they can expect to get fitter and stronger but not necessarily lose any fat!

It really frustrates me when I hear people complaining that they’re not losing any weight. I hear this ALL THE TIME, “I’m doing more exercise than I have in ages but I’m not losing any weight?” My response – “How’s your nutrition? Can I see your food diary?”. Then I get silence???? or “I’m eating well”, mmm what does that mean. You can eat “well” but still be eating way too much. Eating too much good food may not result in fat loss. Before you pack in your exercise because it’s not working, remind yourself that you are getting fitter, stronger and healthier from the inside out but if you want to lose fat, then it might be time to change your diet.

This is why we specialise in Personal Training and Coaching as we combine the nutrition, training and accountability as we know this get’s results. I struggle with the “gym” model as so many people join expecting to change their lives, but the reality is gyms are designed for you not to attend! Do you really think they can fit 2000 members into their space as that’s how many memberships the big franchises need to be financially viable. They know that about 60% of people won’t even go and they rely on that. How sad is that, they don’t want you to come??? Seriously, they don’t!!! That’s where we are different. Sure we charge more than a gym but we do it because we want you to come, we want you to get results as we know that’s why you’re here!

We also know that Personal Training isn’t for everyone so that’s why our Bootcampers get access to a couple of my awesome Online Programs (21 Day Challenge & Get your Sexy Back in 6 weeks) as they include the nutrition, support and accountability you need to get awesome results.

So if you’re someone who has rushed out in the New Year and joined a gym, PLEASE make sure you have all the components in place to get awesome results!

  • Positive Mindset
  • Realistic SMART goals
  • A Training plan
  • A Nutrition Plan
  • Constant Accountability – weekly check-ins are ideal
  • Support

Then it’s realistic to expect great results, but by assuming just by attending a few classes a week or moving a bit more will help you lose the weight you need , you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You DESERVE great results. Just make sure if your goal is fat loss, put as much effort into your nutrition as you do your training.

Good luck with your New Years goals…… Make them a reality.

Cheers, Hilds



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