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Success Story Miss A

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Success Story I started my journey like everyone else i guess i had a goal i wanted to achieve but didn’t know quiet how to get there. My goal was to look and feel amazing in my wedding dress at the end of January.

With the support of Hilde i managed to gain confidence in food prep and my training, and even managed to build a little muscle.

I fitted in 3 weights a week 2 interval runs and a long run every week. If i couldn’t fit them in I’d walk extra fast to the chook house or run around the compound in between jobs.

I learnt how to fuel my body with the right foods to get the most out of my training and to help with my recovery.

Don’t get me wrong i had bad days and at times bad weeks. There is nothing easy about breaking habits and creating new ones, its all about being consistent and not beating yourself up!!

You need to do that workout even of you dont want too cause i can guarantee at the end of it you wont regret it!

Thank you Hilde for persevering with me I’ve enjoyed the journey and i cant wait to continue along this path you helped me make.



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