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Sick of dieting and looking for the next quick fix?

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It seems EVERYONE wants a quick fix. You want to lose that 10kg you put on over the past year in the next 4 weeks!

Now just reading that you can see that it’s not going to work. It took you a YEAR to put it on and you want it gone in 4 weeks.

How realistic is that?

The funny thing is that SO MANY people think like this. They finally get to the point where they’re sick of feeling tired, their clothes don’t fit and they decide to start searching for what’s going to get the weight off the quickest, instead of thinking what’s going to get it off for good.

Whenever I promote a 4 week kick start I get a huge response. The program is designed to get people started although the interesting part is that most of the people I see have more than 10kg to lose but really struggle to think past the 4 weeks. I can be sitting in front of them and have a big discussion about how long it will realistically take to lose the weight and they will still only commit to 4 weeks.  The idea of the kick start is just that, a kick start, it’s not the whole solution! Their thought pattern goes something like this “If I can just hit it hard for 4 weeks I’ll be fine”, mmm really. You’ve been out of shape for a while now and you think in 4 weeks you’re going to change a lifetime of bad habits. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen!

So let me get to the reason quick fixes don’t work! The problem is that you are not really changing your habits or fixing the reason you are overweight in the first place. All you’re doing is putting a band aid over it all for a period and expecting it to stay there forever.

So why are there so many quick fixes out there? They sell! Have you checked out your local pharmacy lately? It’s full of them, so many shakes it’s confusing, and the funny part of it is so many people start these shake diets and get fatter. They end up consuming the shakes which quite often are loaded with sugar and on top of it, continue to eat all of their normal food.

We all know DEEP DOWN that quick fixes don’t work, so what is the answer?


It might not sound sexy or exciting and it doesn’t come in a big tub or easily pre-packaged and you can’t make heaps of commission out of it, but changing your habits can have a huge effect on your long-term health and weight loss success and the reality is the process is far more enjoyable.

It’s actually proven that focusing on just one habit at a time and giving it at least 2 weeks before moving on to another habit has a much greater success rate than trying to change everything all at once.

The Precision Nutrition principles I’ve studied all work around changing habits FIRST and then moving on to more structured meal plans. I know first-hand it works as it’s really hard to “stick to a plan” when there might be some habits that are holding you back. For me this was coffee!  I’ll share my story on this tomorrow but giving up coffee has helped me to dramatically cut down my sugar cravings and making it  easier to  eat well ALL DAY without the energy slumps.

So how does this help you?

For starters, I’d suggest having an HONEST look at your lifestyle. Keep a food/training/energy journal for a week or two and take note of any patterns or areas in which you are struggling. From here I’d pick the ONE thing that you think is having the biggest impact and tackle it first. It might be the afternoon picking, eating too fast, missing meals, whatever you believe is really holding you back. Then pick JUST ONE HABIT and focus on that habit for a minimum of 2 weeks before moving on. If you allocated time to mastering each habit, before you know it you’ve truly made some LASTING changes.

In my next round of “Get your Sexy Back”, I will be introducing this habit changing program. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the whole plan laid out for you as I know everyone loves a plan, but NUMBER 1 is that I want participants to focus on changing one habit each fortnight. The idea is that when you finish the program you haven’t just “followed a plan” but learnt how your body responds, what you need to do, what habits need the most work and most importantly, HOW YOU CAN KEEP IT GOING OR KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF FOR GOOD!

What I do know is that if you invest the time & energy into yourself it will pay off in the long run and you won’t have to diet forever, although if you choose to keep opting for the quick fixes you really are committing to the never ending diet merry-go-round.

So have a BIG think about what you REALLY WANT LONG TERM and what’s the best way to achieve it.

Check out one of our Cairns Personal Training Clients, she COMMITTED STRAIGHT UP TO A YEAR OF PERSONAL TRAINING and the results are AMAZING (full story coming soon). It was no quick fix but she has developed habits she will now have for life and results that are here to stay. She is now doing ANOTHER year just to ensure these habits are maintained for GOOD.

Invest in yourself! Your WORTH IT! 

Hope you’re having an awesome Monday.


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