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The cardio I did to get SMOKING HOT for my 40th!

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So we all want to know what everyone else is doing to get in shape!

What’s the best cardio?

What time should I train?

Should I eat first or is it better fasted?

Should I do HIIT or Steady State cardio?

Sometimes we get so caught up working out the perfect workout routine that we don’t actually do anything! 

Do you know what? When I got in the best shape ever I didn’t have set cardio sessions, I JUST MOVED MORE!

Yep, there it is. Super simple. I was generally just more active which meant I burnt more calories throughout the day.

I just became a step counting freak for a while. Whenever I could I walked. If there was an opportunity to get some more steps in I took it.

Some day’s I’d hit 20, 000 steps just from making more of an effort!

For someone who used to laugh at step counters I was the step counter queen and it worked. For sure I still had some cardio sessions that I scheduled in as I knew I needed to to ensure I got the steps up but I wasn’t stressed out whether it was a powerwalk, jog or sprint session. I just did what I could with the energy I could and aimed for a base level each day.

I’ve even seen some of my online clients achieve the same amazing results through the same process. I might give them 3 set cardio sessions each week just to challenge them but the rest of the time they are just aiming to maintain a certain level of steps and here are the results –











If you’re finding yourself caught up in all the information out there my biggest tip is simply to MOVE MORE!

If you have a step counter (you can even get one for your phone) then monitor an average week and see what your average daily steps are, not an awesome day and not a crap day and AVERAGE of the whole week. From there you might just add 2-3000 steps per day as your new average and it will force you to move more.

This WILL make a difference so get started NOW!

Any questions flick me an email

Have a great week.


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