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The Ultimate Ab Plan

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The Ultimate Ab Plan is coming…..

After years of working in the fitness industry I’ve noticed a common theme! Everyone wants abs or a stronger core. So Cam and myself are putting together the Ultimate Ab plan and who better to test it on than ourselves.

We’ve been building up a nice little layer over the last few months so now it’s time to see what’s underneath. We’ve put together a nutrition plan that’s aimed at getting some BIG results, but also factors in some regular treats. Anyone who know’s Cam and myself also know that we couldn’t survive without a bit of chocolate or the occasional alcoholic beverage! EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

So if you want to follow our journey keep an eye on the blog to see how we’re going. As soon as we’ve tweaked it and made sure it’s just right we will be putting it together in an e-book available for everyone.

So here goes…. bring on abs!!!


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