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The FAT Personal Trainer!

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The Fat Personal Trainer

I’m guessing many people out there assume that owning a Fitness Business, working as a Personal Trainer and Online Coach I must be super motivated, super fit and always in tip top shape!

Ha, ha, ha, I wish!!!

The reality is that life as a Business Owner, Personal Trainer and Online Coach is CRAZY! I’ve been working online for 10 years. Running Get Active Personal Training & Bootcamps for 3 years and life is busier than ever.

I now understand how there are FAT Personal Trainers! Yep, I said it. What so many people think. How can there be FAT Personal Trainers? You work in the Fitness Industry, shouldn’t you be super buff? 

You know endless hours to train each day, surrounded by awesome equipment. Immersed in the fitness world. Surely, that should mean you are always motivated and super ripped!

Well, let me share with you the reality of my life.

My days generally start at 5am as I’m doing my first training session at 6am. This isn’t my training session but for our clients. I then either have another session and a short break before another session or I’m taking Braden to school and back for another session. Usually by 10:30am I’ve finished my physical training and I head up to the office to answer any emails from Online Clients, do my marketing tasks, write blogs, write programs, the list is endless.

Then when I REALLY motivate myself I’ll squeeze in a workout, although by this stage all I want is a nap or some sugar and coffee to keep me going. Around 2:30 I have to do the School run, anyone with kids knows how fun that School Car Park is!  Brady and I usually hang at School until 3:30 so Brady can have a play (his favourite part of School, ha, ha). Then it’s off home to organise Braden’s dinner so we can all head back into work again. Finishing up at about 6:30pm, home hopefully by 7pm and the night time kid routine gets put into high speed motion so we can aim to have Brady in bed by 7:30. Then I have a whole 60 minutes to check-in clients, quick scroll through the internet and if I’m lucky find a show that I want to watch that only goes for 30 minutes. I try and be in bed by 8:30 but most of the time it’s later.

So that’s my life at the moment. CRAZY!

What I have learnt after years of training others and working in this industry is to BE KIND TO MYSELF.

My expectations of myself and what I can fit into a day or do have been lowered. I TOTALLY understand why there might be some FAT Personal Trainers out there. If you’re training others all morning and night it quite often doesn’t leave much time to train yourself. Plus when you’ve been in a gym all day all you want to do is GET AWAY!

It’s quite funny really as we all get into this industry as we love fitness. I personally love helping others but when you end up helping so many others and not yourself you question your WHY?

I do this because I truly LOVE HELPING OTHERS FEEL FANTASTIC. In saying that I’ve been doing this so long I’m getting a bit fussier about the clients I will work with. If you’re not ready to change or put in some effort I’m not going to put all of my energy into helping you. For the clients who are willing to change I will bend over backwards.

What this journey has made me realise is that we ALL NEED BALANCE in our lives! When things are out of whack and you’re not enjoying the journey you need to make changes. 

So for me personally I’m making some changes so I can enjoy my training again. I’ve also changed the WAY I train. Now when I exercise I really try and include a good mix of things I ENJOY. Not every session has to be intense. Some days I’ll just take the dog for a good walk or it might be a walk/jog with Brady riding along side. When I do my weights it will generally be slow and steady as I enjoy this.  On an average day I’ll do between 10-15,000 steps and that’s without doing any of my own cardio. I now realise, this counts!

As a trainer I think I’ve grown SO MUCH from all of my personal experiences. This experience has taught me so much about having balance in your life. I love my job but I love my family and my health more. So when things are out of whack you need to take a step back and work out how to fix it. I’m super excited about what the future brings and believe I can help MORE people but with less of an impact on my personal time, more on that to come later.

For now my life is still crazy but what I’ve learnt is that we have to find a way to make things work within the craziness. Here is what I do when life is crazy and you feel like you don’t have time to do anything for yourself, let alone eat well and exercise. Hopefully some of my tips might be able to help you to.

  • GET ORGANISED when you do have time. During the week my life is out of control which means on the weekend I NEED to ensure the shopping is done and some basic staples are cooked up for the week ahead. For me it’s making sure I’ve got some oat sachets, protein powder packaged up, boiled eggs, grilled chicken, cans of tuna and some bags of salad ready to go. Dinners during the week are super easy or pre-made and frozen.
  • BE REALISTIC with what exercise you can fit in. I never used to be a fan of the step counters but now I am as they have improved a lot. What I’ve realised is general activity makes a big difference. Instead of feeling like you don’t have time for your cardio, turn your dog walk or after school play with the kids into your activity. Track your steps and just try and bring them up a bit each week. Find some form of resistance training you enjoy. It might be a full body workout at the park or finding a friend to train with at the gym. Try and include some sessions you enjoy and be REALISTIC with how much you can fit in. In our City Studio we offer some awesome 30 minute workouts and I’m amazed at how much the ladies change simply by doing regular 30 minute resistance sessions. Remember you don’t have to train for hours for it to be effective.
  • BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Life is to be enjoyed. We all need balance. When it’s out of whack everyone suffers. Take some time out when you can for YOU. If your life is that crazy you feel like you can’t then you need to take a step back and really work out how you can change your life.

Life is way too short to be rushed all the time. FIND A WAY TO SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

I am, so I hope you can do.

Always love to hear from you.

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