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Mmm someones hungry! Since becoming a Mum nearly six months ago I have constantly battled with feeling guilty over something or another.

I know from training lots of Mums that one of the biggest battles
can be the guilt they feel for spending some time on themselves.

When I had Braden I’d decided that the one thing I was going to do
was allow myself at least 30 minutes a day to exercise and this could be
my time. For sure for the past 6 months my exercise time has consisted
of Braden playing on a matt watching me but in some strange way it was
still my time. Although after 6 months of not having more than 3 hours
away from my son due to no family living close and breastfeeding I am
ready for a break.

So now the time has come to let go a bit it’s funny how you can
start to feel guilty. Yesterday was the first time in 6 months that I
went out by myself for more than 2 hours and it was FANTASTIC, although I
couldn’t believe how guilty I felt. For some reason I’d put this
pressure on myself to be the one to look after Braden although my hubby
Cam is just as capable (if not more) and Braden LOVES hanging out with
his Dad! So why did I feel guilty?? I suppose sometimes when you’re an
at home Mum there is this pressure to do EVERYTHING, although the
reality is that quite often we put more pressure on ourselves than
others expect. I know my hubby happily takes over and it’s just me
realising its ok, I don’t have to be SUPERMUM!

So this past two weeks I’ve started putting Braden in the Creche at
the gym and I get one whole hour to just enjoy my exercise without
having to worry (he doesn’t love it just yet but he’s getting there!).
I’ve also been back running outside and I can’t describe just how good
it feels. In another 4 weeks my little munchkin is going in for a day’s
home daycare so Mum can start getting some serious work done during the

What I’ve realised from putting all these things in place is that
it’s SO NICE to feel a little bit like the old me again. For sure being a
Mum is one of the best things ever but the doesn’t mean that I should
feel guilty for wanting a bit of me time.

Ultimately the happier I am the happier my family is!!!!

So don’t feel guilty for taking some time out just for you as at the end of the day everyone around you ends up so much happier!

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