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Meal Prep made easy! Tips to get results

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Do you struggle to stay on track with your nutrition?

You struggle to find the time to prepare healthy meals.

You’re not alone.  The number one reason most people don’t get results is….. they’re not consistent enough with their nutrition.

You know the story……

Monday comes around and you’re motivated. You’ve got your nutrition plan, you follow it religiously for the first day, maybe even the first three, but then it all gets too hard!

You’re tired, busy and don’t have time to make all the different meals required. It’s easier to grab takeout or pick at your kids meals rather than prepare another different meal.

I hear you!!!

It’s normal to feel this way. Life is busy.  Who has time to be preparing different meals every day, especially when juggling work and kids?

Here are my top tips for sticking to your nutrition plan.

Ensure you have a nutrition plan that’s REALISTIC FOR YOU.

If you’re expected to make different meals each night, and none of them are suitable for the family you need to question if this is realistic?

When I’m designing nutrition plans for my clients I take their work schedule, who they are feeding into consideration. If you’re trying to cook different meals for yourself, husband and kids it’s not going to be sustainable long term. Alternatives may be simply having a smaller portion of what you are cooking the family. Bulking up a not so “healthy” dish or “carb heavy” dish with extra veggies.


I’m not a huge fan of set menus. Firstly it’s not tailored to YOU, secondly who wants to be making so many different meals each week. Plus you can end up wasting so much money on different ingredients, who can afford that?

My suggestion is to find 2-3 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks you like, and rotate them throughout the week.  Use the weekend or your days off as the time to experiment with other healthy recipes.

Plan ahead and BE PREPARED.

If you don’t have the food you need on hand, it’s highly likely you will end up grabbing whatever is easiest. To be successful at consistently eating well, you need to be organised. Doing a weekly meal prep can be the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS.

Meal prep simply means preparing some of your meals, snacks in advance so you are organised for the coming week.

Here is what I do to help me get through a crazy week –

Once I’ve planned out what I’m eating for the week, I make any meals in advance that I know will be hard to do during the week.  My week is pretty crazy Monday-Thursday with early mornings and late finishes. The time I find the hardest to stay on track is at night time, I’m really tired and it’s REALLY easy to grab whatever is easiest. My number one meal I like to have prepared in advance is dinner as I keep the rest pretty simple.

My meal prep –

  • Cook up a MASSIVE Chicken Stir-fry. I love it, and it includes heaps of veggies, good source of protein and very flavorsome, as I add chilli, garlic, lemongrass, ginger and a bit of fish sauce. To make it even easier I use frozen stir-fry veggies, lots easier than chopping and cheaper. Once cooked I freeze into correct portion sizes. That’s my dinner Monday- Thursday night. If I get sick of it I will mix it up with a salad or even something like the meat sauce part of Spaghetti Bolognese. I’ll mix this with frozen beans, broccoli and cauliflower topped with Cottage Cheese. Spaghetti Bolognese meat sauce is also something I would cook in bulk, my son will eat it and I will have some if needed if craving more variety during the week. On the weekends I like to mix it up and add in some Salmon, Steak, treat meal etc. The key is to find meals during the week YOU LIKE and can be prepared in advance.
  • Protein sources for snacks – I like to have a protein source for snacks so I will usually have cook up some boiled eggs, grilled chicken (do this in the George Forman Grill), package up some bags of protein powder.
  • Have some Quick oat sachets on hand
  • Ensure I have some frozen veggies or salad leaves to go with my tuna or chicken for lunches.
  • Veggie sticks cut up to go with snacks (carrot, celery, capsicum, cucumber)
  • Frozen Egg whites to make quick omelets. If working early and not home to late I will pre-cook a couple of omelets to keep in the fridge.
  • Bag up 30g of Almonds for snacks and buy some Quest Bars for when I need a sweet fix.


That’s about it for me. I like to keep things SUPER SIMPLE. The easier it is the more likely I am to stick at it. If I get bored I’ll mix up my dinners but generally I find meals I like and just rotate them.

Remember the key to succeeding at losing weight and keeping it off for good is FINDING A ROUTINE THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

If you hate Tuna, don’t eat it! If you don’t like Chicken stir-fry, don’t eat it. Find meals you do like and take that bit of time to do some meal prep. One-two hours of preparation on your days off can set you up for an awesome week.

If you need help working out a plan that will work for you, along with constant support. Join my 12 Week Transformation Program. The program that has helped hundreds of others get amazing results and learn how to keep it off all while having a life!

Hope this helps,


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