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Packet a day smoker to 40 year old Fitness Professional!

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Here is something that might surprise you……

I was a packet a day smoker, and a very big drinker in my 20’s!

Yep, I was a big party girl.  I didn’t do any fitness activities, generally I was pretty lazy.

Twenty years later and here I am.  Fitness Professional and Fitness Business owner.

Wow, what happened?

Today I want to share my story with you, the how and why I got into the Fitness industry. Hopefully, my story can help just one other person make some great changes. 

I believe we can all become the person we want to be, the first step is believing you can.

Working in the fitness industry, many people assume I have always been into fitness.  I hear many fitness professionals talk about how they were an athlete, or a dancer, or grew up doing gymnastics or track and field and how they have always had a passion for fitness.

Mmmmm, not me!

I was a PARTY GIRL, I loved to party, and my life revolved around planning for the next weekend.  I was known to throw the best parties in town. I was, “The Party Girl”.

The thing was that deep down inside I was missing something.  At the time I didn’t really know what it was and looking back, I can see I used partying to make me feel good.  I felt great when I was out drinking, or had thrown a hugely successful party.  It felt good and yet I was far from happy.

Looking back, I can see I was struggling with depression but never really realized it at the time.  I used the partying as my high but quite often it was followed by a very big low. My self-confidence was quite low, even though I came across as the confident party girl.

One day I decided I’d had enough. I needed a change, I wanted to re-invent myself but I couldn’t do it where I grew up. I packed my bags, paid $150 for a bus ticket and went to Cairns.  It was the longest bus ride of my life.  I remember arriving in Cairns on a hot, humid day, still in my smelly winter clothes I’d been stuck in for the past 24 hours.  All of my belongings were packed into one suitcase.

Wow, it really was the best thing I have ever done!

I used moving as my opportunity to re-invent myself.  I wanted to become the person I believed I was meant to be, not the person that everyone thought I was.  I got myself a job in a completely different industry and started living life like the person I wanted to be.

This is when I met the person who has had the biggest impact on me so far, my wonderful husband, Cameron.

Cameron saw me for who I was and helped give me the confidence to really follow my dreams.  I wasn’t trying to be anyone else, I was finally just being me.

I started to want more from myself, I wanted more from life.  I embarked on my first every 12 Week Transformation program, this is where it all started.  For 12 weeks I gave my program everything.  I did the training sessions, I consistently lifted weights and I ate more healthy food than I had in a very long time.  The results I achieved were amazing, but what was truly amazing is that FINALLY I realized if I set my mind to something, I could do it!!!  It sounds funny, but it’s an amazing feeling when you finally realise if you want something badly enough, if you work hard, you can make it happen.

I’d never felt so good.  Exercise became my drug.  If I felt depressed, my exercise was my go to.  It was my “happy pill”.  Who knew you could feel so good when you exercised and ate well.

I finally knew what my mission was!

I wanted to help other people feel this awesome.  I wanted to show them that even if you’re depressed and you don’t have a fitness background, you can FEEL AMAZING!!!

That’s why I do what I do today.

It’s not about getting everyone to have 6 pack abs, it’s about helping other women feel amazing.

I want other women to realise that even though your life might be crazy, if you’ve never exercised and you’re carrying an extra 20kg, you can change!!!

We all deserve to feel great, for me it’s about helping other women find this place.

As I get older I realise more and more what’s important.  To me, it’s my amazing family and friends.  I want to feel GREAT so I can enjoy life.  Sure, it’s nice to look great in a bikini, but really, I just want to enjoy every single day, feel energetic and be proud of myself.

I no longer deprive myself, I do exercise I enjoy and I create a routine that fits in with the family.

My passion is truly helping to MOTIVATE & INSPIRE others to change!

Never think that just because you haven’t done it before, you can’t change now. It’s NEVER, EVER too late to become that amazing person you deserve to be.

Jump on board my 12 Week Body Transformation Program NOW – It’s time for you!

You can do this.

Love, Hilds


My Fitness achievements –

  • Successful Online Personal Training business since 2008
  • Helped hundreds of women transform their bodies since 2008! Many clients featured in Oxygen, WH&F
  • Half Marathon – Adelaide
  • Loch Ness Marathon – Scotland
  • City to Surf – Sydney
  • Oxygen Cover girl Finalist – 2011 – 1 year after my son was born
  • Oxygen Semi-Finalist – 2016
  • Oxygen Contributor
  • INBA Sports model 3rd Place

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