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Are you stuck in rut?

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Have you ever been stuck in a rut?


You REALLY want to change things, but you just can’t seem to make it happen?


That’s where I’ve been lately and as much as I’ve wanted to make changes and clean up my nutrition and train consistently it just wasn’t happening.


Yesterday I had a BIG think about how I could get myself out of my rut. I realised I just had TO FORCE it to start with.

The first step was thinking about WHY I so badly wanted to make changes and for me it’s simple. I FEEL way better when I look after myself. 

When I eat well and exercise regularly my thinking is clearer, I’m more productive, I feel better, I have more energy and I’M HAPPIER! 


So that’s my why, but now how to make it happen?


When life is crazy and out of balance it’s hard to get things back on track again. For me my work takes up most of my time, and there isn’t much time left for me. Plus I spend a lot of my time giving to others so I’ve decided it’s time to take a bit back just for me.

I think it’s time to get a bit selfish. Although, not quite sure if that is the right word as spending time on yourself should really be number 1 as when you don’t look after yourself how can you help others.

It’s like when I was flying and we used to always tell passengers to put on their oxygen masks before their child’s. Many found this strange but when you’re unconscious because of lack of oxygen how can you help anyone else!!!

It’s a bit the same in real life. If we don’t look after ourselves how can we be the best for all the other people in our lives?

It’s time to put me first. This might be challenging during school holidays but I’m going to give it my best shot.

In 6 weeks it’s my birthday and this time last year I was feeling fabulous. Mainly because I invested time in me. So for the next 6 weeks I’m aiming to creep myself up the ladder and not put myself last all the time. 

I will need your help though! 

I need some accountability as without someone to keep me on track it’s so easier just to stop. So I need you to keep checking on me and seeing how I’m going… Geez, I’m scared already.

Each week I’ll be posing my plan for the coming week on my blog and then checking in at the end of each week and again throughout the week with updates.

So let’s get going –


My goals for the next 6 week – 

  • Lose 3-4kg
  • Consistently include 3 weight training sessions each week
  • Track my nutrition in myfitnesspal daily.

That’s it! Not going to overcomplicate it otherwise it becomes daunting.

My Plan for this week – Wed-Tue (yes, you can start mid-week, it doesn’t have to be Monday)

  • Wednesday – Bootcamp & Dog Walk – Done
  • Thursday – Weights
  • Friday – Weights
  • Saturday – 5km Hill Walk
  • Sunday – 5km Run  + Weights
  • Monday – Rest or  (participate in Bootcamp)
  • Tuesday – Weights + Red Arrow

Nutrition, track my food in myfitnesspal. Have written out a food plan but want to get a good idea of what my body can consume and still lose fat, so my plan will be adjusted depending on progress. Main thing is I want to cut the sugar and coffee down as it makes me MORE tired!

I’ll check in soon with updates!!!

If you’re like me and stuck in a rut you can jump on board my 6 Week Body Blitz starting on the 17th July.

Have a great week.




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