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The Number 1 Reason women fail to lose weight

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Have you ever wondered why some women achieve weight loss success and others don’t?

After 11 years of working with women all over the world. I’ve discovered the NUMBER 1 reason that some clients achieve amazing results and others don’t.


I know from personal experience over the years, that having the right mind set and TRULY BELIEVING you can achieve your goals, is the difference between success and failure.

I’ve achieved some great things over the years and when this has occurred it’s because I truly believed I could.  I visualised myself finishing my marathon, standing on stage as a sports model and being an Oxygen Cover Girl finalist.

I could see it

I could imagine how it felt

I truly believed I could 

When I was training for my marathon every time I went out for a run, as slow as I was and as hard as it felt, I’d imagine myself crossing the finishing line and how I would feel. I’d get emotional thinking about it. I knew deep down I’d do it or at least give it my best shot trying.

Sure, I’d have moments of doubt and at times wondered if I was crazy, but deep down I knew I could do it. I just had to keep going.

I’ve had other times where I’ve doubted myself and on these occasions didn’t really believe and as such didn’t really achieve much.

So, how do you improve your mindset and get unshakable self-belief?

First you need to really believe in what you are trying to achieve. Your goal needs to be important to YOU. Not what someone else thinks you should. This needs to be something you TRULY want to do.  

You need to imagine how you will FEEL when you achieve your goal.

Give yourself permission to feel proud of yourself. Know it’s okay to dream big. You deserve it.

Ignore the negative thoughts. They will always be there You don’t need to take notice or act on them.

It’s NORMAL to have millions of different thoughts (but guess what, just because you have a thought it doesn’t mean it’s true!) These thoughts don’t need to destroy your dreams of achieving your goals.


I’m going to share something with you about myself.

For years I’ve had this thought, over and over and it’s “I’m not good enough”.


I’d have this thought repeatedly and for a while it was crippling. It would stop me from doing things. It left me constantly doubting myself and it really stopped me from being the best I could be.

I don’t know where it came from, as I’ve got an awesome family and friends who all encourage and praise me. Even with all this support this thought that “I’m not good enough” would come back to bite me. Even when I was a featured writer in my favourite magazine “Oxygen”, I’d see the article and think “I’m not good enough” This would eat at me, I’d started to believe it, as it was always there.

Another time,  I was approached to do a guest blog on a big fitness site along with some other fitness professionals I admired but I just said no! The same old thought, I’m not good enough stopped me accepting this opportunity. I didn’t think that because I’d been asked, they obviously thought I was.

I let my thoughts overwhelm me and gave them power.

I feel sad when I think about how much I used to put myself down and the opportunities missed out on by not being kinder to myself.

I suppose that’s why I’m so passionate about helping others realise their true potential. To help them understand it’s normal to have self-doubt, but don’t let it cripple you.

You can be WHOEVER you choose to be and ACHIEVE WHATEVER you set out to do.

First you need to start believing it yourself.

It’s taken me a while, but I can finally say I’m proud of myself and love who I am. When I truly want to achieve something, I will.

If you have been letting your thoughts hold you back, now is the time to take control. Realise that those thoughts aren’t facts. You don’t have to take any notice of them.  They might always be there but don’t give them power. Laugh at them and do what’s needed to ensure that you reach your goals.


When you’ve got the right mindset YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!

Actions you can implement now:

  • Surround yourself with likeminded motivated people
  • Be proud of your goals, shout them out to the world
  • Make a plan and follow it
  • Visualise yourself achieving your goals – Make up a vision board
  • Every morning spend a few minutes thinking/feeling what it’s going to be like when you achieve your goals.
  • Every time one of those negative thoughts slip in, LAUGH AT IT!!!
  • Fake it until you make it! Start acting like the person you want to become now…..


Enjoy the Journey

Love, Hilds

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  1. Kate Murphy says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read today!!!! Thank you ❤

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