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Quite often I get asked what’s in my Salad. I’m quite suprised at how
many people don’t like salads and I think the reason is that they make
really boring salads.

Living in Cairns I tend to eat lots of salads all year round so I’ve learnt to make them just that bit different.

So if you’re sick on the iceburg lettuce, cumuber and tomato maybe try some of the following:

– Baby spinach makes an excellent base for a salad & is fantastic for you.

– Try some grape, cherry or roma tomaotes for extra flavour or if you’re maintaining a few sundried tomaotes can taste great.

– Add heaps of herbs, my favourites are mint, basil and corriander all mixed in & lots of them!

– Add some bean sprouts, mung beans to add a bit of crunch.

– Grill some veggies for a warm salad. Eggplant, capscicum and zuchinni are great for this.

– Add some cooked Quinoa, brown rice or roasted pumpkin and have it warm if the weather is a bit cooler.

– Find some nice dressings that you really like. I like the Paul
Newmans Salad Dressing. The low fat ones may have a bit more fat that
some of your fat free brands but taste heaps better. As long as you use
just a little bit it won’t add too many extra calories but can add heaps
more flavour.

– Try chopping your ingredients differently depending on which salad you are having.

– Add different sources of protein for variety. For lunch I like
Tuna or Chicken but for dinner it’s grilled Steak or Salmon thinly

You’ll also find that becasue most of the salad is made up of
healthy greens you can have a HUGE bowl which takes a while to eat and
can really fill you up!

So be creative and try making some yummy salads that you’ll actually enjoy.

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