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The truth about changing habits!

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The truth about changing habits!

Have you been trying to change your habits?

You want to eat better; exercise regularly and finally get rid of the few extra kilos but you just keep going around in circles.

You know that the fad diets don’t work. You’ve been told it’s “all about changing your habits” but how the hell to you do it!

First up, I want to tell you you’re not alone in your frustrations. The reality is changing your habits can be tough, it can be uncomfortable, and it can be confusing.


What I want to share with you today is where most people go wrong and how you can make the process so much easier!

  • Just imagine not having to worry about another diet.
  • Easily maintaining your weight
  • Feeling in control, confident and FULL OF ENERGY.

When you change your habits, this is what you can expect.


First up, let’s look at where most people go wrong.

  • Trying to change everything all at once. You go from eating junk and no exercise and expect yourself to easily jump into a full-on training and nutrition plan that is dramatically different to what you have been doing.
  • You don’t start with the basics. When changing habits, you need to build a foundation first and this means starting with some key habits that will set you up for life.
  • Expecting to change overnight. You’ve made the commitment, you’re motivated, and you think that’s enough to make it happen.

Now let’s look at steps you can take to make it happen.

Start SLOWLY! When changing the habits, the key is to pick ONE habit and focus on this solely for the first two weeks. When you try and add more the chance of nailing this habit becomes dramatically reduced. I use a coaching system called Precision Nutrition Pro Coach with my clients and this takes them through ONE HABIT AT A TIME.

Guess what the first habit is?

To eat slowly! Yep, sounds simple doesn’t it but have you ever realised that when you overeat most of the time it’s been because you are unaware, feeling emotional, stressed or eating on the run.

Think about if you just slowed down and THOUGHT about what you were eating, became aware. It’s really hard to overindulge if you are eating slowly.

On the other hand the one way to guaranteed WEIGHT GAIN is by eating fast! Nailing this simple habit of eating slowly can set you up for life. To help my clients ingrain this habit each day they have a daily lesson to do regarding their mindset and then they have to check-in to see if they have achieved their habit.

And guess what? The clients that are consistently moving forward are making both amazing physical and mindset changes.

For example, this client has CONSISTENTLY been great with 80% consistency. She has had some average weeks (see the last 2 weeks) but this hasn’t stopped progress as she has been CONSISTENT overall. I’ll share her pics soon!

Changing habits

Second step is to CONTINUALLY GET BACK ON TRACK. I don’t know if I can ever say this one enough – I’ve NEVER, EVER coached anyone who has been perfect. The clients that get great results are simply consistent. If you have a day or weekend where you fall right off the wagon, all you need to do is GET BACK ON TRACK. Don’t try and be super strict, just move forward from that point. Learn from your experience and keep going.


I’ve got a great PN worksheet I get clients to do called – Break the chain. It gets you to think about what happened before you overate, what circumstances led up to it, how you were feeling and how you could break the chain next time. If you want a copy flick me an email (

Remember it’s COMPLETELY NORMAL TO GO OFF TRACK. The key is to practice getting back on track.

If you are trying to change your habits on your own what I suggest is:

  1. Picking ONE small habit at a time and focusing on that for 2 weeks before adding another one.
  2. Find a way to keep yourself accountable to that habit.
  3. When you fall off track, simply practice getting back on track sooner (email me for a copy of break the chain worksheet)


If you need a hand and serious about changing habits for life I include Precision Nutrition Pro Coach habit based coaching program in with my Drop a Dress Size Coaching Program and the upcoming 4 Week Kickstart. It’s normally a year long program which Precision Nutrition run and charge $179 US ($254 AUD per month)

I’ve included it FREE in my programs as I want you to LOSE THE WEIGHT but keep it off and I believe this gives you the BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SUCCESS.

So, if you’re still struggling on your own. Jumping from one diet to the next maybe it’s time to make a commitment to you!

Check out my Drop a Dress Size Coaching Program – EVERYTHING you need to guarantee success!

I also have my 4 Week Kickstart which kicks off on the 29th July. This is designed to GET YOU STARTED, back into a routine again. It’s a group program that you can check out here: 


Changing habits






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