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Drop a Dress Size in 8 Weeks – Follow my journey!

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It’s time to get serious….

Christmas is just 8 weeks away and I’m on a mission to finish 2019 feeling GREAT!

This year has been BUSY. Between working two jobs, trying to get my study done and setting up another business, life is kinda crazy.

Yep, I completely understand when people say they are busy.

My days usually start at 5am or earlier depending on if I’m taking Bootcamp (starts at 5:45am) and by 9pm I’m ready for bed. Although, that leaves little wind down time as it’s normally an effort to get Braden in bed with lights out by 8pm! Quite often I’ve been staying up too late just so I can get in some down time and by the end of the week and lack of sleep I’m SHATTERED.

So, it’s time to get back doing all the things I know will make me feel better.

The reality is my life isn’t going to slow down much but what I can do to manage it is:

  • CREATE A SLEEP RITUAL – Yep, getting my 8 hours sleep is my NUMBER 1 priority. Have you noticed that when you get a good nights sleep it’s easier to eat well and exercise. Whereas, when you’re exhausted you just crave sugar and coffee…… So, what is my sleep ritual. To keep it simple it means turning off all devices about 1 hour before bed, ditching TV for a cup of tea in bed and reading. If I get really good I’ll add in Headspace but to start with keeping it simple.
  • GET ORGANISED – It’s time to get back to doing some food prep on the weekend. Ironing all my clothes for the week, having my gym clothes ready to go and having training planned out for the week.
  • INCLUDE MORE “NICE TIME” ON THE WEEKENDS – Lately, I’ve been studying or working every weekend. To reduce stress I’m going to block out time for study/work and most importantly block out time FOR NICE THINGS!!!

My goal is to finish the year feeling fit, lean and energetic!

I’m going to do this by:

  • Keeping a food diary. Each week SLOWLY improving my habits. The focus is on quality protein and veggies with each meal and adding in either unprocessed carbohydrates or healthy fats. I will aim to reduce my coffee down to 1-2 per day, ideally 1 but for now 1-2 is the goal. Reduce alcohol down to 6 standard drinks per week (Vodka and Soda). Limit sugar to the very occasional treat.
  • Be consistent with my training. The goal is 2-3 runs per week (sprints and a steady state). 2-3 Weight sessions per week and as many steps as possible. I’d love to do more weight sessions but with my current schedule 2-3 is about all I can manage right now.
  • Keeping Accountable. I will be blogging (some might say rambling, ha, ha), frequently. Tomorrow I will check my measurements and put my specific goals up and each week check in and let you know how I’m tracking. I’ll also share my training and nutrition so you can get ideas.

Can’t wait to feel FABULOUS for Christmas!

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