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My 5kg ISO challenge!

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Right now the world is a very different place.

All of a sudden my life went from being super busy and stressful to being FORCED to slow down, and I must admit I’m enjoying the slower pace.

Over the past couple of years my life has gotten progressively busier and along with this busyness has come some extra kilos.

It feels like all of a sudden I’ve woken up and my clothes don’t fit, although the reality is that the extra 5kg I’ve put on as happened slowly over the last couple of years, although what worries me is that it’s now becoming my new normal.

What used to be the point where I felt uncomfortable is now ‘normal’. I can’t wear half my wardrobe and I’m having more unhealthy days than healthy ones.

The one thing I am proud of is that I no longer beat myself. I understand why I put on the weight and at the time it helped me cope with some pretty stressful life events. Although now it’s time to stop!

5kg ISO Challenge
I seem to be more liking the red lady than the white one right now!

It’s time to do something about it and with the reduced stress in my life and more time I can’t think of a reason (or find an excuse) not to.

Starting NOW my focus is on:

Eating well which for me means, limiting sugar and processed carbs, adding in more vegetables, good fats and protein.

Moving more, I’m going to keep it simple. I want to aim for over 10,000 steps per day. This can be walking or jogging, whatever I FEEL like doing. I just need to consistently MOVE.

Getting STRONG. Nothing beats feeling strong and for me that involves consistent weight training. My goal is a minimum of 3 weight training sessions per week. Anything over that is a bonus.

If I consistently do these three things the weight will come off but more importantly I’ll FEEL great again.

You can follow along with me if you like. I’ll be blogging regularly and share my tips.

Here are the things I’m going to use to help me and keep me accountable.

Nutrition – I will be using myfitnesspal to track what I eat. My first weeks goals are: Less than 20g carbs/sugar, over 25g of fibre (means lots of veggies), moderate healthy fat and protein, maybe 50/30. Calories will be kept lower the first week as I really want to kick the bad habits quickly. I find if I tighten things up for the first week it helps to get me back in to a routine, less choice, simply creating daily habits. After this I will most likely cycle days with lower/moderate calories.

Training – I will be using my Garmin to track my steps and I’m using the SWEAT app for workouts. It has a few different trainers to follow. Right now I’m doing one of Kelsey’s programs. After 12 years of doing my own workouts I’m loving getting new ideas and mixing it up. I think the key right now is not to worry to much about doing the ‘perfect’ program but just to make sure you DO SOMETHING!

Accountability – I will be putting my measurements and weight in my fitness pal each week and I will post and update here on my blog weekly to let you know how I’ve progressed. My number 1 goal is to get my measurements back to when I feel amazing, for me that’s a total of 405cm!!

My MOTIVATION – Remembering how AMAZING I felt when I got this picture taken!

I’d love you to join me, it’s great for accountability. Comment below with your goals and what actions you are going to take.

Let’s use this time to FEEL amazing and come out the other side stronger.


5kg ISO Challenge


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