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Giving myself the best present EVER.

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Is it bad to say I’m relieved Christmas is over?

This year we had a pretty quiet Christmas after what I could describe as a pretty fucked year! Yep, sorry I said it. If you don’t like the f-bomb you might want to leave my blog now….. (I sometimes like to swear….., mmm maybe too much for some).

Anyway, this year I found Christmas a bit sad.

Last Christmas is when we found out Marilyn (Cam’s Mum) had a rare Stage 4 Stomach Cancer. To say it was shit, is a bit of an understatement. We had originally planned to fly to Adelaide to see all of the rest of the family but in light of what we were faced with wanted to stay in Cairns and spend Christmas with Marilyn and Kurt, and geez I’m glad we did.

It was the last Christmas we got to see Marilyn.

Lara & Marilyn last Christmas!

Just a few months later in the midst of the COVID lockdowns Marilyn lost her battle with cancer. Brady and I never got to say goodbye properly as we couldn’t go into the hospital as there was a strict one person per day policy.

In some ways I do feel lucky as Brady and I got to remember Marilyn as the amazing strong lady she was instead of how she was in her final few weeks, although it sometimes feels like it all is a bad dream.

Anyway, that was the start of what can only be described as a shit year!

Seeing someone so strong lose their life so quickly was a big wake-up call. It was a reminder as to what was really important.

Family, Friends, Health and to truly Enjoy Life!

I suppose it was the kick up the butt I needed.

I left my ‘other’ job, where I was working in a pretty crappy environment. So many days I’d come home crying and I was over it!

I stuck it out as I was a mission to finish my study and set up my other business – . By mid year, I’d did it. After trying to work 30+ hours a week, doing all the school runs, running Bootcamp and setting up a business in my spare time, ha, ha, I was fried and ready to pack some of it in.

I also decided life was too short and I was going to get the POOL I had always wanted. So amidst the craziness full renovations were also under way.

It’s been a pretty crazy year.

So, this Christmas I PROMISED myself that my HEALTH was now the priority. For a while now I’ve been focusing so much on looking after everyone else, building a business, making sure Brady is ok, helping the Cam the best I could to get through this nightmare, that I ceased to exist.


I’m taking responsibility FOR ME and I’m DOING THINGS THAT MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.

At the end of the day the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE HAVE, is out HEALTH.

It’s amazing that we CHOOSE to treat our bodies like shit.

We make excuses.

We justify our crap.

At the end of the day, we are the only ones who can make changes, no one can do it for you.

There is no point blaming someone else.

Blaming the situation.

We must CHOOSE to make changes and simply do what’s needed.

It might be you need to sort out some mental health issues first, whatever it might be. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So, my present to myself is to give myself the PERMISSION to work on me! At the end of the day when I’M HAPPY, EVERYONE AROUND ME IS HAPPY.

I want to FEEL ENERGETIC again, I want to feel fit, lean and know I’m doing everything to stay healthy.

So, for me it’s just getting back to what I know. I’ve actually pretty lucky as I’m surrounded by motivated people at Bootcamp and with my online clients.

I’ve printed off all the information from my Drop a Dress Size program and I’ve started now. I’m not doing anything fancy but just aiming for regular exercise, consistent good nutrition and including regular activities that make me feel great.

I’ve planned my first hike.

I’m looking at doing a weekly spin class again.

Might organise a regular walk with one of my mates.

And a regular date with my pool chair and latest book.

Might even squeeze in a regular date with my hubby!

Life’s too short to FEEL SHIT. I’m making sure I get back to feeling as great as I know I can.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and spent time with the ones you love. Next year I promised myself I’m going to spend Christmas Eve with my family as it’s been WAY too long.

I’m off to enjoy my day feeling grateful for everything I already have!

Happy Boxing Day.

Love, Hilds

P.S I’ll still be having a vodka or two while on holidays, just ditching the chips that go with it. (everything in moderation!)

2 responses to “Giving myself the best present EVER.”

  1. Kate Murphy says:

    Hey Hilde, after reading that, I feel so blessed that I found you, and for all of the support you and Cam have given me over the past few months. Talk about perspective! I’m really happy for you xx It takes balls to put yourself first. I know we have only met a few times, but you are truely inspirational! Thanks again for helping me this year. You have helped me change my life. I will forever be grateful! Merry Christmas🎄 the energy (and I have no idea where you found it) that you have given me has changed my life xx thank you

    • hilde_admin says:

      Wow, thank you so much Kate. It’s messages like yours that keep me doing what I do. I absolutely love helping others and you’ve made some amazing changes. Now, it’s time to also make sure I look after myself so I can keep doing what I love! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and thanks again for your lovely message.

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