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often I hear that people’s biggest battle seems to be getting into some
sort of routine with their nutrition or they hate eating the same
things over and over again.

When trying to lose fat and following a healthy diet it is important
to eat lots of fresh unprocessed foods although this doesn’t mean your
meals have to be boring. Fresh food is actually so much more tasty that
half of the packet foods out there and so much better for you.

I think the battle comes when we have been used to eating easy
convenience foods that come in a packet and don’t really know where to
start when it comes to healthy eating. Straight away when given a plan
to follow you think it has to be salad and steamed veggies forever and
hours preparing food although this is far from the truth!

I personally don’t like cooking (except for baking yummy sweets) so I
try and spend the least amount of time in the kitchen as I can. Here
are some simple tips to help you get into a routine and start eating a
lot more healthy nutritious meals!

– Have a look at what you USED to eat and how you can make some of
these meals into healthier versions. For example a big pasta for dinner
can be changed into a lean mince Bolognese sauce with some grilled
veggies like eggplant, zuchinni &  capsicum added in to bulk it out
or try having it over a baked potato with some low fat cottage cheese on

– Find meals and snacks you actually like. If you don’t like Tuna
don’t eat it! There are plenty of other choices out there and you just
need to find what you actually like and how you can work it into your
daily eating.

– Realise treats are ok but they need to be just that, treats, not everyday food!

– Prepare some meals in advance. Packing your lunch can save you
heaps of money and also really help with your fat loss. Packing lunch
and some snacks for the day shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes and
it means you won’t be tempted to grab something on the go.

– If you’ve got kids and dinner time is crazy try preparing some
meals in advance. As winter approaches slow cooker meals can be great.
Just make sure you bulk meals out with fibrous vegetables rather than
potatoes, pumpkin and carrots. Many of the slow cooker meals are ok as
long as you stick to your portion size and don’t add heaps of rice or
pasta to the meal. Quite often I will chop up veggies or prepare a salad
while making my lunch so I don’t have to do it when I know I’ll be more
tired and more tempted to choose something easy!

– Take some snacks when out and about.

Ultimatley you need to think of your new way of eating as a forever
thing not just a fad you do for a few weeks. So realise it might take a
few weeks to get into a good routine but in the long run it will be well
worth it.

Have a great week.


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